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The Courts of Justice - Edict 19 (24.11.12)

“Edict Nineteen from The Heavens unto The Earth for and beyond the mortality of man.

The courts of Justice of the Kingdoms of God have jurisdiction over all:

                                             of the citizens of The Kingdom of God on The Earth;

                                             of the citizens in The Kingdom of Heaven in the heavens;

                                             of the fallen;

                                             of the lifted-up;

                                             of the sequestered,

                                             of those awaiting hearings of accountability,

                                             of the dead remaining still asleep.

The courts of the ecclesiastics of Justice have access to the records of The Lamb,

                                                                  have access to the database of God,

                                                                  have access to The Father’s confirmation of the testimony of The Son,

                                                                  have access to The Book of The Martyrs.

The courts of the ecclesiastics of Justice lay testimony when asked before The Great White Throne,

                                                                                                            before The Throne of The Father,

                                                                                                            before The Throne of The Lamb,

                                                                                                            before The Throne of Appeal,

                                                                                                            before The Throne of Inheritance,

                                                                                                            before The Throne of Grace,

                                                                                                            before The Throne of Mercy:

                                                                                                     when integrity is questioned,

                                                                                                     when a lie is suspected,

                                                                                                     when suffering witnesses to a broken edict,

                                                                                                     when reparation requires the highest access to the sealed of God.

The courts of the ecclesiastics of Justice operate at a distance under The Banner of The Kingdom,

                                                                                   under the proxy of God,

                                                                                   under the edifice of God:

                                                                  under true knowledge of the appellant,

                                                                  under true knowledge of the litigant,

                                                                  under true knowledge within the records as submitted for inspection,

                                                                  under true knowledge as the basis for the ruling brought with great clarity in justice.

The courts of the ecclesiastics of Justice resolve the mortal strife of man:

                                                                  resolve the death sentences enacted on the innocent,

                                                                  resolve the incarcerations of the innocent,

                                                                  resolve the accusations against the innocent,

                                                                  resolve the corruption in officialdom,

                                                                  resolve the engulfing nets of sin which fell as a web enmeshing saints whose testimonies
                                                                                                                                                                      were not believed,

                                                                  resolve the clashes of interest which only served the ones with power.

The courts of the ecclesiastics of Justice resolve the guilty and the innocent –

                                                                            with precision born of truth.”


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