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The Crown of Life (29.9.14)

“The crown of life is My inheritance from The Father bequeathed to man.

The crown of life is an indicator of – 

                                                    the power,

                                                    the authority,

                                                    the dominion –

                                                                      reserved to man as he comes to rule and reign.

The crown of life bestows a kingdom on a king or queen,

                             bestows honour on a satrap,

                             bestows justice with equality on a kingdom’s citizens.

The crown of life is the call to responsibility,

                                 the call to extending righteousness,

                                 the call to upholding truth,

                                 the call to share in that with which the Father does endow.

The crown of life pronounces and announces the governance of My people of the covenant;

                             confirms and sustains the governance of My people of the cross;

                             supports and upholds the governance of the multitudes of man.

The crown of life signs of trust and of acceptance;

                                      of judgment capability so approved and honoured;

                                      of wisdom speaking in the knowledge found of God.

The crown of life is placed above the gown of martyrdom;

                                            above the gown bejewelled with items from a treasured box;

                                            above the gown which portrays the presence of a testimony.

The crown of life opens and processes,

                             resolves and decides,

                             judges bringing justice to the contrite and the humble –

                                                                          as presenting by those appealing at the mercy seat,

                                                                          or standing on a stepping stone of grace.

The crown of life identifies a seat of authority held for the divinity of God,

                                             a seat of authority held as a proxy for God,

                                             a seat of authority held in the empowering of God.

The crown of life can combine and segregate,

                             can hear and see the injuries sustained,

                             can call the accountable to their day of reckoning.

The crown of life does not fit a visitor with eyes opened for inspection.

The crown of life sits firmly on the brow,

                             sits firmly on the mantle,

                             sits firmly on the seating of endeavour.

The crown of life instates the ecclesia of God,

                                          the edifice of God,

                                          the governance of God.

The crown of life bears the pain shared of innocence,

                             bears the pain shared in declaration by a life being stressed,

                             bears the pain shared through intrusion from a history of mistreatment.

The crown of life calls the bearers of injustice,

                                     the bearers of unrighteousness,

                                     the bearers of the implements of war,

                                     the bearers of the freewill which dwells in deeds of shame and agony,

                                     the bearers as usurpers of the right of vengeance,

                                     the bearers as the spreaders of disease and death.

The crown of life will exile the blasphemers to where they cannot hide,

                             will banish the unrepentant to the depths of despair in which there is no hope,

                             will surrender the unforgiving to the castigation of the fire and flame of loneliness,

                             will furnish the cells of silence with the hate-filled and the evil,

                             will sequester the liars and deceit-filled with the fiery lake of brimstone,

                             will imprison the murderers and thieves beyond the pale of recidivism.

The crown of life has access to the records of the bodies souls and spirits,

                                                                             together with the enactments of freewill,

                                                                                                          in the ill-treating of the victims.

The crown of life does not venture into areas precluded by jurisdiction.

The crown of life is attributed to holiness,

                             is based within the family of God,

                             conducts the affairs of God in the presence of His royal banner,

                                                                         in the presence of The Colours of The King,

                                                                         in the presence of the singing of The Anthem of The King.

The crown of life is present at the fanfares of The Kingdom.

The crown of life is commissioned as a practice within the works and acts of God among the multitudes.”


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