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The Cruelty of Man (24.11.14)

“The day comes which has been foretold for man:

                                                seeing what has been made upon the earth by man –

                                                                           to be caused by man to return from the sky back to the earth.

         For the munitions of man will attack the earth on which he dwells:

                                                   will lay waste the earth created for man’s habitation;

                                                   will wreck the edifice of man,

                                                                     the constructions of man,

                                                                     the marvels of man –

                                                          those which teeter but to totter prior to crumpling in the dust.

The cruelty of man simmers very near the surface of demeanour:

                               can change from pleasantries to violence within a word of contradiction;

                               can suffuse a face with inherent anger as weapons hit the hands;

                               can subscribe to the devil’s will as greed with pride and lust prevail upon the soul.

The cruelty of man can watch without intervention;

                               can express encouragement to kill the life initiated by God;

                               can command obedience to behaviour bred of hate-filled envy which mercy has long forsaken;

                               can gloat over a trail of desolation on a landscape where nothing causes movement;

                               can move according to a contract,

                                                according to a goal,

                                                according to the imposing of a finality on life.

The cruelty of man penetrates the darkness;

                               penetrates the dawn;

                               penetrates encounters filled with ill-will;

                               penetrates the quest for safety in the act of fleeing;

                               penetrates the call of families in distress:

                                                              through hunger,

                                                              through shelter destroyed upon a whim,

                                                              through wounds inflicted in an orgy of butchery and barbarism –

                                                                         with flames of fire and desolation which despatched a peaceful way of life.

The cruelty of man captures and deprives,

                               loots and rapes,

                               disfigures and maims,

                               starves and inflicts,

                               imprisons and executes,

                               enslaves and auctions.

The cruelty of man is not limited to a war zone,

                               is not limited by declaration,

                               is not limited by race or colour,

                               is not limited by obedience to the rules of engagement when the battle soaks up terror –

                                                                                                       as truth and honour desert the humanity of man.

The cruelty of man explodes in the presence of confrontation:

                                                                       where resources are at stake,

                                                                       where nations seek advantage,

                                                                       where enclaves are splintered from the trunk in seeking self-determination,

                                                                       where the well-being of a people are transposed into survival of the fittest,

                                                                       where jungles come to visit the settlements of man,

                                                                       where man chooses to inhabit the playground of the devil.

The cruelty of man consumes the venom of the day,

                               dispenses the seeded grounds of hate,

                               breeds the generation of unforgiveness.

The cruelty of man oversees the spread of anguish,

                                              the spreading of the empowered disease of self-assertion without accountability,

                                              the spreading of a table highlighting the devil’s fare designed to endanger man.

The cruelty of man has his freewill running wild:

                               needs a change of heart;

                               needs a heart transplant –

                                                            as from one upon the cross;

                               needs a heart of tenderness which can look upon a child with open arms and love;

                               needs a heart embellished with the golden bands of hope and faith and truth;

                               needs a heart where love is at home with righteousness prevailing.

The cruelty of man can be vanquished from the soul;

                               can be a witness to the loosing of the devil’s bindings;

                               can address the wrongs imposed upon the spirit;

                               can become a mighty man of valour;

                               can be born again and receive the gifts of God;

                               can stand in maturity with a new shield and sword –

                                                                                      fully armoured as a victor who no longer fears defeat.

The cruelty of man can fade within a memory:

                               can be surpassed by what has come;

                               can be overcome to whither in the past as the spirit regains its rightful place;

                               can surmount the travails of man to dwell within the beneficence of God;

                               can discover a journey specified for man which leads into the light;

                               can progress within a walk of wonder –

                                                             where counsel and The Spirit meet the grace-filled needs of man.”


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