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The Days of Hindering 14.7.14

“The day of waiting is over.

The day of waiting explodes into the present.

The day of waiting exits the future.

The day of waiting is pressed into the memory of man.

The day of waiting succumbs to the day of change,

                               succumbs to the word of prophecy,

                               succumbs to the prophets’ calls,

                               succumbs to My word to generations passed.

The day of waiting becomes the day of change.

The day of change introduces:

                                        ‘what is not’ to ‘what is about to be’;

                                        ‘what is’ to ‘what went before’;

                                        ‘what became’ to ‘what incurred the cause’.

The day of change introduces the rush from unbelief;

                               introduces the flood of new belief,

                                                 the flood of true belief,

                                                 the flood of mature belief –

                                                 on the day of the flood-tides for the souls;

                               introduces the gaping of the spirits,

                                                 the calling of the spirits,

                                                 the activities of the spirits on the day of the unbundling of the spirits’ bounds.

The day of change falls upon the unprepared,

                               visits the predisposed,

                               anoints My bride of purity.

The day of change witnesses the days of devastation;

                                               the days of injury and of loss;

                                               the days of lying and of theft;

                                               the days of violence and of wounding;

                                               the days of man in both progression and regression;

                                               the days of man in which he seeks to pray;

                                               the days of man in which he lacks the understanding of the receiving of My grace.

The day of change frustrates the foe of man,

                               rejects the cries of self-pity from the souls,

                               ignores the instant promises which have no backing by belief,

                               dismisses souls who still suppress their spirits.

The day of change gathers the righteous and the truthful;

                                            the loving and the kind;

                                            the honouring and the fear-filled:

                                                                                     of their living God.

The day of change shepherds out idolatry from the shards of history,

                              shepherds out the worshippers of their silent gods,

                              shepherds out the deceivers and blasphemers,

                              shepherds out those who refuse to acknowledge The Living God –

                                                                                           The Father conjoined with The Son and with The Spirit.

The day of change has its season with man as inclusive of the days of hindering which follow,

               as nature rebels against the stripping treatment meted out by man,

               as rain and wave and wind combine to soak the mountains to swell the rivers for the broaching of the banks,

                                                                          to clear the shorelines of the debris as accumulations grow as infestations,

                                                                          to scatter widely the cluttering of man as birthed in his unholiness.

The days of hindering will not frustrate the will of God,

                                     will not delay the will of God,

                                     will not circumvent the will of God.

The days of hindering is a time of stumbling for man within his carelessness,

                                     is a time when the despair of man will bring such to their knees in entreaty before:

                                                                         The God who upholds His Word,

                                                                         The God who resolves the end-time harvest,

                                                                         The God who places His servants,

                                                                         The God who instructs His servants within these latter days of prophecy.

The days of hindering will bring the works of man to naught,

                                    will bring down the towers of babylon,

                                    will bring into disrepute the repositories of pride,

                                    will bring before the eyes of man the temples of Mammon as they crumble beyond repair.

The days of hindering will cause man much tribulation;

                                    will usher in much desolation;

                                    will call the unholy at the break of dawn to be the dead as midnight changes days;

                                    will set son against the father;

                                    will set neighbour against neighbour;

                                    will set the hungry against the storehouse:

                                                                                            all in the battle for survival.

The days of hindering will see the fire of God set boundaries uncrossable by man,

                                    will see the fire of God demolish life-threatening opposition,

                                    will see the fire of God controllable by His people of relationship.

The days of hindering will see My Spirit ministering,

                                    will see the power of God displayed,

                                    will see the authority of God being wielded as His wrath is piled upon the earth,
                                                                                                           as His wrath is exercised upon the multitudes with warnings all


The days of hindering will venture forth progressively to peak before they fade,

                                    will come upon the lawless who do not keep the law,

                                    will subdue the complaints of the vocal which pester and upbraid,

                                    will silence all those who had their opportunity of leadership yet failed the tasks proscribed.

The days of hindering is the transforming wrath of God in action,

                                    is the transforming wrath of prophecy bringing calamity to man,

                                    is the transforming wrath of God being emptied out.”


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