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The Death of Man (2) (18.7.14)

“The death of man is designed for once within mortality,

                                                        when the glove of man succumbs,

                                                        after preparation for a future planned with God. 

The partial death of man may occur once within eternity when the captive spirit dies.

The death of man is intended to be a stepping stone to glory,

                                                        a birthright to and for the stars,

                                                        a preparation for the opening of a treasure chest of jewels,

                                                        a fulfilment of man’s ownership of freewill.

The death of man is a scheduled replacement of the worn out for the fresh and lasting.

The death of man leads into the presentation of enhancements;

                                              the presentation of further gifts;

                                              the presentation of the completion of the senses;

                                              the presentation of a tongue of much complexity –

                                                                                  with transmission fluency – 

                                                                                                          in the vocabulary of God;

                                              the presentation of the abilities and facilities to aid the settling in;

                                              the presentation for equipping in the wonderland of superlatives;

                                              the presentation of the master tongue of heaven which has a beauty all its own.

The death of man leads to a division –

                                              either an upper or a lower,

                                              either a light filled or of darkness,

                                              either one seen as resplendent or one of deprivation –

                                   for such has the destiny of choice been determined by the freewill of man.

The death of man leads:

                                   either to the upper destiny as prepared by The Loving Father for His children,

                                   or to the lower destiny which receives the captive spirit together with the soul of dominance.

The upper destiny holds the expectations and promises secure as destined for the beloved of God.

The lower destiny encounters justice in accountability with all which the records so declare.

The death of man puts a spotlight upon his preparations,

                                                       upon his character established,

                                                       upon his freewill deployed,

                                                       upon the love which flowed amongst a family,

                                                       upon the love and care placed upon his fellow man,

                                                       upon his neighbour,

                                                       upon those encountered and in need.

The death of man can bring shadows in its wake,

                             can bring uncertainty among the living,

                             can bring a scramble to secure,

                             can bring a sense of missing out.

The partial death of man changes perspectives based on life:

                                        emphasizes the reality of the warnings in mortality;

                                        leaves the soul alone and forlorn;

                                        ties the calls for mercy in the new reality to the ignoring of grace in faith within mortality;

                                        leaves the soul in current torment without the means to seek release.

The partial death of man rarely hears repentance,

                                        often believes escape is credible,

                                        will plead and plead and plead and plead until exhaustion convinces:

                                                                                                           freedom is not an option from his destiny selected.

The partial death of man removes the spirit as the whipping boy of the soul,

                                        removes hope from the mindset of the soul,

                                        sees despair approaching as a cloud of darkness to overcome the soul,

                                        recalls memories from deep within the soul bringing neither rest nor peace.”




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