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The Despair of Man (1.7.15)

“The despair of man grows in surroundings around the heart,

                                  grows as hope fades,

                                             as faith departs,

                                             as charity diminishes.

The despair of man is not responsive to encouragement,

                                is not responsive to a visit,

                                is not responsive to the reasoning of man,

                                is not responsive to the helping hand.

The despair of man witnesses of being in the clutches of the ministry of Satan.

The despair of man witnesses of life within a gorge,

                                                of the surrounding cliffs,

                                                of the echoes mixing understanding,

                                                of the calls which make no sense.

The despair of man leads man round in circles with no doorway opened to escape,

                                makes it difficult to break-out from the restrictions of the spirit and the soul,

                                places man in a fetal position where nothing can intrude,

                                secures man in a belief there is no help in confirmation of experience.

The despair of man gropes and does not find,

                                calls and is not heard,
                                hears and does not relate,

                                sees without evaluation.

The despair of man settles like a cloud with no wind to move it on,

                                settles like a cloud which befogs the view,

                                settles like a cloud which muffles all the sounds,

                                settles like a cloud which wets and does not dry,

                                settles like a cloud which hides the sunlight from the face.

The despair of man leads to a candidate who sees life as of little value,

                                                                                      as of being nothing but an uphill battle,

                                                                                      as being without reward or worth,

                                                                                      as being without meaning for the future,

                                                                                      as being on a slippery slope which deposits in a chasm.

The despair of man segregates and separates,

                                demolishes self-esteem,

                                attacks the being and the health,

                                denies the possibility of recovery,

                                imagines the very worst,

                                dwells upon the lost and the foregone.

The despair of man develops the forlornness of the soul,

                                develops the misery of aloneness;

                                develops the sorrows of aloofness;

                                shunts the prospects to the side,

                                magnifies the dross bedecked upon the spirit,

                                fails to discern the truth among the lies.

The despair of man mires man in self-pity,

                                                  in thoughts matched by the mind-set,

                                                  in stillness of activity,

                                                  in inward thinking which leads nowhere but to darkness,

                                                  in no output from the tongue in silence,

                                                  in the failure of the glove of man to seek solace or communication –

                                                                                      with those no longer recognized as of importance in relationships.

The despair of man dissects the whole into fragments without sense,

                                puts to sleep the power of initiation,

                                does not relate to the attempts at interruption of the stupor self-induced,

                                is unresponsive to the physics of surroundings.

The despair of man should gradually lift with the casting away of influencing by the foe of man,

                                                                 with the breaking and the blessing,

                                                                 with the binding and the loosing,

                                                                 with the healing and the freeing,

                                                                 with recovery and reinstatement of both hope and faith –

                                                                                     at a level of acceptance where the growth of all can recommence.

The despair of man can be evacuated and despatched,

                                can be interred and replaced,

                                can be discarded and overcome,

                                can be dismissed and committed.

The despair of man is not a secondment to hell,

                                is not a journey into unending darkness,

                                is not a sequence which magnifies and disjoints the disfiguring of man.

The despair of man can swim back up to the surface,

                                can again breathe the air of spring and summer,

                                can renew the senses to capture life in all its fullness,

                                can outlast the impositions of the foe and the lies so made to feel at home.

The despair of man is a binding of the freewill of man,

                                is the capturing of the freewill of man,

                                is the establishing of the slavery of man,

                                is the preparation of man by Satan for the final farewell of man into the darkness of defeat.

The despair of man surrenders to The Cross,

                                surrenders to My ministry of proxy by My servants,

                                surrenders to the disconnecting of the power of Satan,

                                surrenders to the re-instituting of the authority of Christ,

                                surrenders to the future of endowment,

                                                  to the future of reconciliation,

                                                  to the future filled with grace,

                                                  to the future of endeavour and acquisition,

                                                  to the future of the healed and in the companionship of Christ.”


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