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The Embitterment of Man (21.7.15)

“The embitterment of man occurs with repeated disappointments,

                                                       with repeated rejections,

                                                       with repeated failures to succeed.

The embitterment of man is not a pleasant state in which to dwell.

The embitterment of man apportions blame to where it is not justified,

                                          surfaces to impinge upon those who offer help,

                                          disparages the world at large.

The embitterment of man resents the success around him,

                                          resents his isolation,

                                          resents the outlook for his future.

The embitterment of man grows in intensity without relief,

                                          feeds on self-pity at the expense of friendship,

                                          shelters in a shell of loneliness where no-one knocks or calls.

The embitterment of man sees a recluse in the making,

                                         sees the danger signs of self-deception,

                                         sees the emphasis building on a life of loss and of the self.

The embitterment of man has excuses galore,

                                          is the telltale of imaginations,

                                          is the object with belief in the ‘plotting’ and ‘conspiring’.

The embitterment of man can bring forth a vicious tongue,

                                                                   a tongue noted for its meanness of the spirit,

                                                                   a tongue with scarcely a good word to say.

The embitterment of man has a slippery rope to climb out from the well that he has dug,

                                          tempts a cave-in from his burrowing beneath the skin of others,

                                          chases after shadows from the corners of his eyes.

The embitterment of man scuttles about his business when fixated on a dead-line,

                                          rarely seeks advice,

                                          is mostly secretive and withdrawn.

The embitterment of man is not a walker in the sunlight,

                                          is not an enjoyer of the daylight,

                                          is at home within the rain with a turned-up collar.

The embitterment of man thrusts a trudging soul out onto the ways of life,

                                          leaves him there ill-fitted to succeed,

                                          leaves him there in the cold and rain.

The embitterment of man can be consigned to the wastelands of deceit,

                                          can be consigned back to its origination,

                                          can be consigned by the commanded word of God.

The embitterment of man should not portray the ongoing deprivation of man,

                                          should be addressed and dismissed,

                                          should be shattered and dismembered,

                                          should be left behind in pieces which no longer speak to man.

The embitterment of man requires the rebirth of hope,

                                          requires the expansion of opportunities,

                                          requires the counselling which brings success,

                                          requires a new viewpoint from which the horizon brings forth a new dawning –

                                                                                  of life in all its majesty and tenure,

                                                                                  of life approaching with a message for both the soul and the spirit,

                                                                                  of life for preparation to encounter a brand new way of doing things,

                                                                                  of life about to receive a boost up to a higher plane,

                                      of life about to to be greeted by the message coming with the dawning of a new day of renown –

                                                                                                                                         with grace completed and fulfilled.

The embitterment of man farewells both the cause and the effect,

                                          grasps hold of all on offer,

                                          seeks the gifts and wisdom which build upon each other,

                                          becomes acquainted with the messengers of life who share the living water,

                                                                              who share the reading of the signposts to a better way,

                                      who share the promises which open up the garland of inheritance as to be placed around the neck.

The embitterment of man will be remembered as being buried in the past.

The embitterment of man will no longer be traipsed around as if a shell upon a snail,

                                          will no longer be a burden and a pain,

                                          will no longer be dragged around to obliterate the journeying of man –

                                                                                                             prior to encountering the wonderlands of promise.

The embitterment of man is a term not carried forward,

                                          is lost within the time of preparation,

                                          is forsaken with the dust and dirt,

                                          is overcome as the light dwells to light a home of residence and in welcoming its conversion to a temple.”


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