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The Flowering of Man (5.12.12)

“The flowering of man is about to blossom in his golden birthplace of being without end.

The flowering of man is coming into his fullness of achievement,

                                                            his fullness of development,

                                                            his fullness of prognosis in My Word.

The flowering of man has been a long time in the planning,

                                                   a long time in the meeting of requirements,

                                                   a long time in the spreading of The Word.

The flowering of man has the buds appearing readying to burst forth,

                                    has the buds emerging in their glory,

                                    has the buds dressed with the petalling of eternity,

                                                                  the petalling of great beauty,

                                                                  the petalling of great significance,

                                                                  the petalling of stature before God.

             The petalling of man is evident on his gown of life.

             The petalling of man occurs in his mortality as he meets the taskings set by God,

                                                                    as he fulfils with honouring of commitment,

                                                                    as he copes and overcomes,

                                                                    as he attends and is victorious,

                                                                    as he tends to tiredness within the race yet still continues until the garland is
                                                                                                                                                                   placed upon his head.

The flowering of man shall not fade away,

                                    shall not come forth only to diminish,

                                    shall not be displayed only to be shed,

                                    shall not be greeted only to be eventually dismissed,

                                    shall not be and then not be before the eyes of God.

The flowering of man is the culmination of his being on the earth in his mortality,

                                    does not speak of his retirement,

                                    speaks of scope and intent expanding with reaching of the objective for man in the attaining of his fullness.

The flowering of man brings excitement to the life of man,

                                    brings an adventure never seen before,

                                    brings the wonders of the heavens within the reach of man,

                                    brings the loneliness of man into the sharing presence of his God.

The flowering of man is wondrous and amazing,

                                    is far-reaching and accomplished,

                                    is both lovely and adept.

The flowering of man speaks of his achievements when in the field of faith,

                                    speaks of his character when nurtured with freewill,

                                    speaks of his attention to the sacraments declared,

                                    speaks of his abilities within the taskings of the day,

                                    speaks of his willingness in rendering loving service unto God,

                                    speaks of his preparations so to be within My bride.

The flowering of man is each submitted to The Father by My Spirit with My testimony of friendship:

                         He who is most interested in the entries within The Lamb’s Book of Life.”


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