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The Freewill of Man (18.7.15)

“The freewill of man is not as a box of candy waiting to be opened and selected by component.

The freewill of man is complete and undefiled by God,

                                 is unquartered by God,

                                 is untainted by God,

                                 is unimpaired by God.

The freewill of man is not submitted for his approval,

                                 is not subjected to his agreement,

                                 is not open to his suggestions for improvement.

The freewill of man exists in fullness,

                                           in freedom,

                                           in an unbounded capability.

The freewill of man is accountable for the record which results –

                                                                          whether built in wisdom or whether built in foolishness.

The freewill of man may leave a record built on the fear of God or on the fear of man:

                                                                                                    when masters are resolved for service.

The freewill of man requires a choice of whom or what is to be served.

The freewill of man is not a bidden service,

                                 is not an enslaver of the spirit or the soul,

                                 is not initially owned by the architect of man’s destruction,

                                 is not initially betrothed to a would-be groom.

The freewill of man carries responsibility for all the journeys entered into,

                                                                         all the outcomes of the expended effort,

                                                                         all the ‘might-have-beens’ which were not followed up,

                                                                         all the ‘nearlys’ which failed to be completed,

                                                                         all the dangers and the woundings where care and caution were not present.

The freewill of man does not have the opportunity to pass the failings onto God,

                                                        the justification to make the claims in ignorance,

                                                        the immunity to proclaim what is not the truth.

The freewill of man was instated at a cost to God,

                                 was instated even with the knowing of how it would treat His Son,

                                 was instated despite His scourging,

                                                      despite His prayer for release,

                                                      despite His crucifixion.

The freewill of man is not to be disparaged by man,

                                 is not to witness the ingratitude of man,

                                 is not to be trodden under foot within the blasphemy of man.

The freewill of man has the ability to strike at the heart of God,

                                                         to watch the rejection of God by man take place a second time,

                                                         to experience afresh the lost hope for man by the record which is written for eternity.

The freewill of man has supremacy of accountability,

                                 has supremacy of responsibility,

                                 has supremacy in the kindling of his faith in God,

                                 has supremacy in determining the input to his senses,

                                 has supremacy of knowledge in his actions,

                                 has supremacy in qualifying for grace.

The freewill of man places ‘choice’ within the life of man,

                                 places ‘choice’ unfettered and unhindered by The Loving God –

                                                                                                             who declared the origin as ‘Good’,

                                 places ‘choice’ at the twin pedestals of ‘Righteousness’ and ‘Sin’ whereat man must choose which way to go.

The freewill of man is the envy of those deprived by the evil strength of man.

The freewill of man does not succumb without a fight until the surrender of the body.

The freewill of man does not surrender within while the spirit remains free,

                                                                           while the spirit is bonded with the soul,

                                                                           while the Holy Spirit guards the tongue from blasphemy.

The freewill of man brings selection into the life of man,

                                 brings happiness with contentment,

                                 brings fulfilment with understanding of the purpose,

                                 brings preparation for future expectations,

                                 brings a commitment to submit to discipling in preparing for a destiny –

                                                                                                                                among The Stars of God.

The freewill of man should be marked by the trails of angel dust which linger in position,

                                                               by the gratitude of his fellow man in declaring the ‘knowability’ of God,

                                                                                                                                          the accessibility of God,

                                                                                                                                          the ‘lovability’ of God,

                                                               by gratitude for that which is being stored-up awaiting the arrival of the saints.

The freewill of man should be filled with unending gratitude for all which The Cross of Christ released into the life of man.”


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