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The Frequency of Listening (20.6.15)

“The frequency of listening to My word has no upper limit within the day of man.

The frequency of listening to My word has a lower daily limit of unity –

                                                                                                          for communication to continue to exist.

The frequency of listening is not at a simple number dialled on a graduated scale.

The frequency of listening is not locked-in to a static frequency as per the broadcasts of man.

The frequency of listening speaks of how often ears are attuned,

                                                           how often ears are listening,

                                                           how often ears have time:

                                                                                  to feed the spirit and the soul with wisdom and the word of God.

The frequency of listening is a measure of the prayer life,

                                           is a measure of the passion,

                                           is a measure of the closeness of relationship,

                                           is a measure of knowing the will of God.

The frequency of listening breeds accuracy in hearing,

                                           breeds accuracy in understanding,

                                           breeds accuracy in resolving questions arising from discussions.

The frequency of listening rewards the open ear,

                                           rewards with knowledge so attained,

                                           rewards with wisdom in the tongues,

                                           rewards with the will of God declared as revelation.

The frequency of listening verifies an outpost among the multitudes,

                                           is determined by the log-in and the log-out,

                                           is available for engagement throughout both the day and the night.

The frequency of listening does not have to combat static,

                                           does not have the fading of the signal,

                                           does not have a time delay imposed upon transmission,

                                           does not have to apply the encryption processes of man,

                                           does not have to dial and await an answer,

                                           does not have a tone denoting overload,

                                           does not have a tone for ‘engaged’,

                                           does not have a switch upon a switchboard so a query can be answered,

                                           does not play music in a pause awaiting action,

                                           does not allow for messages to be recorded because a desk is unattended,

                                           does not have an accent which cannot be understood,

                                           does not impose stress upon an interruption attendant on the reality of receiving.

The frequency of listening is beyond outside interference,

                                           can neither be stopped by the enemy nor by the foe of man.

The frequency of listening confirms the security of data transfer,

                                           affirms the reality of a sixth sense in action,

                                           recognizes the brain stems of connection,

                                           utilizes the security implicit in the gift of tongues within the thought processes of the heavens.

The frequency of listening includes access to the strains of grace,

                                                                     to the strains of grace applicable to the sins,

                                                                     to the strains of grace aligning in erasement,

                                                                     to the strains of grace originating from a heart upon a cross.

The frequency of listening upholds a listening post of God,

                                           upholds the truth without the lies,

                                           upholds righteousness without deceit.

The frequency of listening absorbs the prayers of My servants,

                                           absorbs the prayers on behalf of others tied to desperation,

                                           absorbs the prayers of the loving which are tied with golden bows.

The frequency of listening never hears raised voices,

                                           has voices issuing from royalty,

                                                                         from the kings and queens who never seek to shout,

                                                                         from the royalty of youth who cry out in exuberance with no intent to shout.

The frequency of listening improves with practise,

                                           improves with comprehension of all which is involved,

                                           improves as wisdom grows without the trivial –

                                                                                                          long despatched and dismissed.

The frequency of listening has connectivity to the counselling of God,

                                           has connectivity where questions of substance are answered and followed up,

                                           has connectivity where taskings are apportioned as disclosed.

The frequency of listening is a lifeline to the will of God,

                                           is a lifeline to the truth of God,

                                           is a lifeline to the eternity of God,

                                           is a lifeline to the saints for communicating with The Living Loving God.”


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