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The Hiding place of Sin (1.8.13)

“The hiding place of sin is only possible when the hiding is from man.

The hiding place of sin has no existence in the Heavens or the Earth –

                                                                                           if its objective is to keep sin from discovery by God.

The hiding place of sin can hide in the dungeons of the heart –

                                                                                        where intent is buried deep and out of sight;

                                      can hide behind the eyes when pornography is rampant;

                                      can hide between the ears when suffering has a voice;

                                      can hide within the fingers when activity is wayward;

                                      can hide behind the lips where the tongue is used for blasphemy.

The hiding place of sin is not easily admitted,

                                      is not easily accessible,

                                      is not easily cleansed and readied for the call unto The Bride.

The hiding place of sin is no more at daybreak when grace is accepted and applied,

                                                                            when curses are broken and discharged,

                                                                            when hedges of protection are healthy and well-groomed,

                                                                            when the vitality of man in righteousness is appreciated and cherished,

                                                                            when the prayers of man acknowledge The Name above all names –

                                                                                          as carrying the pleaded blood of Jesus before the throne of grace.

The hiding place of sin hides in the pockets of the devils,

                                      hides in the secret retreats of man,

                                      hides in the magazines created for the eyes of lust,

                                      hides in the sexual adjuncts which assist the deviancy of man,

                                      hides in the visual mind of man with rampant flights of fancy,

                                      hides in the innuendos of approach which test for an invitation.

The hiding place of sin can be in a sin-bin of forbidden lusts,

                                                                    where privacy is assured,

                                                                    where others are not invited,

                                                                    where there is a lock and key,

                                                                    where practise has secured its own addiction,

                                                                    where shame with prejudice and darkness abide at each turning of the key,

                                                                    where the call to righteousness is neither heard nor sought –

                                                                                           and where the road to overcoming has no footprints in the dust.

The hiding place of sin can dwell within the stomach through participation in a meal of gluttony,

                                      can prevail within the soul with the loss of self-control.

The hiding place of sin can exist for years of days:

                                               when repentance is not put to a good use by a contrite heart;

                                               when grace remains unapplied to cleanse that found lurking just beneath the surface.

The hiding place of sin can bring excess decay unto a life,

                                      can shorten the lifespan built upon expediency,

                                      can rot the flesh with disease,

                                      can cause the innocent to die with the guilty,

                                      can cause the careful to die with the careless,

                                      can cause the organs of man to lose their independence.

The hiding place of sin is a heavy weight to bear –

                                                            when it remains to multiply and grow as a burden on the soul.

The hiding place of sin is cleansed not to be reinfected after being ridded of the pleasuring of Satan.

The hiding place of sin should be checked that the invitation is now scrapped,

                                    should be checked that the open door is now shut and latched,

                                  should be checked that the hook which would hold such in place is now pulled down,

                               should bind and loose appropriately so desirable linkages are confirmed to be in place and operating as intended.

The hiding place of sin is not found within a sequence by a detailed search;

                                      is found when My Spirit tries to minister to the soul –

                                                                                                               and convicts of the nature which is found:

                                                                                      then the sin can surface at the light,

                                                                                                           to be told to go and not return,

                                                                                                           to leave in an entirety with the vanquishing complete.

The hiding place of sin is not tolerated to be brought into the presence of God;

                                      needs to be dealt with and dismissed;

                                      needs to be forsaken,


                                                         and dealt with under grace;

                                      needs to have the entry ways blocked and not reopened;

                                      needs to have the keys of the kingdom highly polished by their use;

                                      needs to apply the blood of Jesus to the powers of darkness so they flee.”


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