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The Holy Spirit Chasers (23.7.15)

“The Holy Spirit chasers form a very select group.

The Holy Spirit chasers are present in the gathering of My Bride,

                                       are present at the forefront filled with eagerness,

                                       are present with the call to come forward,

                                       are present for the welcomed prayers with effects upon the body.

The Holy Spirit chasers give much attention to loyalty of service,

                                       have hope and faith in where they stand within the sight of God.

The Holy Spirit chasers do not give up easily,

                                       will travel across the sea –

                                       to view with interest and excitement that which is active in the pipeline of The Spirit. 

The Holy Spirit chasers will report vividly what they have seen and witnessed with the falling of My Spirit accompanied by fire.

The Holy Spirit chasers participate in the giftings of My Spirit,

                                       use The Name above all names where there is much room for God,

                                       return to spread the news without exaggeration,

                                       are willing to assist in that which has befallen others in their holiness of prayer.

The Holy Spirit chasers tend to be right in the midst for observing the workings of My Spirit,

                                                                       as the eligible and the humble offer up the needs,

                                                                                                                                     the healings,

                                                                                                                                     the necessities,

                                                                                                         as requested within the provisioning of God.

The Holy Spirit chasers carry testimonies which are born of genuine experiences,

                                       know the call for miracles,

                                       have belief present in the charter of their souls,

                                       have their spirits fed with first–hand information –

                                                                                            which is both accurate and related to a source of reliability.

The Holy Spirit chasers are those who desire to be at the centre of attention of My Spirit –

                                                                                                                    as they seek how to bring it to their own.

The Holy Spirit chasers are those who have the yearning hearts –

                                                                                        and long to satisfy the desire deep within.

The Holy Spirit chasers are those who would seek the truth with application.

The Holy Spirit chasers succumb to the desires of their hearts –

                                                      to see My Spirit moving close to home.

The Holy Spirit chasers go to catch the fire,

                                       go to be set afire,

                                       go to see the fire.

The Holy Spirit chasers take the fire of My Spirit with them to the world,

                                       have not grasped the realization My Spirit goes before them,

                                                                                                           accompanies them everywhere they go,

                                                                                                           dwells within them to the glory of The Eternal God.

The Holy Spirit chasers are successful in what they do,

                                       are successful in where they go,

                                       are recognized by others in what they bring and share.

The Holy Spirit chasers are the lambs of God,

                                                         who gambol leap and play around the feet of God.

The Holy Spirit chasers are urgently in need of feeding,

                                                           to be attended to in wisdom and in knowledge,

                                                           to become familiar with the gifts of My Spirit both in usage and in recognition,

                                                           to seek the gift of tongues and travel the pathway to their fluency –

                                         where wisdom rests upon the night and understanding opens with the greeting of the dawn.

The Holy Spirit chasers can be at the forefront of the greeters,

                                       can make Him feel at home,

                                       can be ecstatic in their welcomes,

                                       can be the speakers of My words,

                                       can have My peace within their spirits and their souls.

The Holy Spirit chasers are to know how grace is the extender of grace,

                                                           how grace contributes to the practicality of life with God,

                                                           how grace can shore up and can straighten what is bent and ready to collapse.

The Holy Spirit chasers will have a history of achievement,

                                       will eventually settle in a place of grandeur and great beauty,

                                       will blossom and spread fruit around a universe of God,

                                       will grow and be accompanied by The Stars of God,

                                                                                              The Elect of God,

                                                                                              The Blessed of God,

                                                                                              The Enrobed of God,

                                                                                              The Mantled of God,

                                                                                              The Adopted of God,

                                                                                              The Family of God.

The Holy Spirit chasers hear and answer The Call of God within their lives.”


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