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The Imposing of Correction (29.5.15)

The imposing of correction has a cost all of its own.

The imposing of correction is difficult to implement when widespread and enduring.

The imposing of correction is difficult to erase when control has obtained the tentacles as if an octopus at large.

The imposing of correction requires a concerted effort,

                                             requires determination in a restoration,

                                             requires the sweeping clean of all ingrained with dirt,

                                             requires the preservation of the knowledge base,

                                                                                      of the decision making process,

                                                                                      of the baby not being thrown out with the bathwater.

The imposing of correction needs the resourcing of the untainted,

                                             needs the encouragement to continue,

                                             needs the will to persevere unto completion when the house is fully cleansed,

                                             needs the assuredness that nothing lingers in the cupboards which can breed a further infestation,

                                             needs the willingness to chop the vine right at the roots to so test the vine with fire,

                                             needs the presence of the roots to rekindle the bud burst of the clean and lively,

                                                                                                                                  of the vibrant and the thrusting,

                                                                                                                             of the protection of the crown of righteousness.

The imposing of correction should know the route to follow,

                                             should know the cost of achievement,

                                             should know the time scale of calling to account.

The imposing of correction should not pounce until the subjects are located,

                                                                           until the hidden are identified for seizures,

                                                                           until the evidence can be protected from destruction,

                                                                           until the correct interpretation can be applied to the discoveries.

The imposing of correction may be a longterm goal,

                                             may require assessment to not bite off more than can be chewed,

                                                                                     to attack in divisions of the whole,

                                                                                     to segment to destroy the corrupt and the feeding,

                                                                                     to throttle at the choke points where control is possible,

                                                                                     to starve the flow on which corruption feeds both the spirit and the soul.

The imposing of correction can change the outcome of economies,

                                             can change the sustainability of endeavours,

                                             can change the outlooks to reflect ability rather than the will of bookmakers.

The imposing of correction can channel the surplus funds to where they were intended,

                                             can channel the daylight of revelation into the caves of lies,

                                                                                                           into the backrooms of deceit,
                                                                                                           into the clearing houses which wash and clean and count

                                                                                                                                            what has been brought for laundering.

The imposing of correction dispels the smokescreens surrounding avarice,

                                             dispels the networks of the spiders,

                                             dispels the stings of wasps,

                                             dispels the contracts built on whispers,

                                             dispels the secret documents of type held under much security,

                                                                    where darkness keeps such from the light.

The imposing of correction reflects the standard of enforcement,

                                                         the level called as truth,

                                                         the depths as ascertained,

                                                         the blind eyes of the searchers,

                                                         the speed applied to process,

                                                         the authority under law,

                                                         the zones of jurisdiction,

                                                         the zones beyond indictment,

                                                         the zones where privacy still reigns for the corrupt and secretive,

                                                         the negating of the courts in dispensing the justice born of man.

The imposing of correction can fail within the grasping of success,

                                             can fail with a changing of authority,

                                             can fail when bribes still win the day,

                                             can fail when politicians exercise their worth of purchase,

                                             can fail when the biased rule on that which should be the harvest due the wise and true.

The imposing of correction should be studied,

                                                        be considered,

                                                        be well thought out,

                                      so results of light are likely outcomes –

                                                                        for the effort to be expended deep within the wells of darkness.

The imposing of correction restores respect and honour from where it was eroded,

                                             restores reliability to where it once existed,

                                             restores the purchasing power to what it should have been,

                                             restores the truth to stand again above the lies,

                                             restores the seeds of righteousness to grow and to develop for the benefit of man.

The imposing of correction corrects for the departure of morality,

                                             corrects for the usurping of responsibility,

                                             corrects for the deceptions as practised by the wayward and the greedy.

The imposing of correction has the lies at last coming into the sunlight,

                                             has the truth now surmounting the stumbling blocks as placed,

The imposing of correction brings a time of victory,

                                                                   of conquering,

                                                            and of overcoming.


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