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The Martyring of Man (5.6.15)

“The martyring of man does not dwell within the will of God.

The martyring of man,

  the killing of man,

  the murdering of man – 

                  by all the means of man –

                  within all the relationships of man –

                                                   invites the wrath of God upon the heads of responsibility and the willing.

The martyring of man speaks of a mindset bent on murder,

                                                of a mindset which does not value life,

                                                of a mindset which does not know The Living God.

The martyring of man carries an horrendous penalty,

                                    carries the vengeance of The Lord,

                                    carries the shadow of like for like in the absence of both mercy and of grace.

The martyring of man is not sought by man,

                                    is not feared by man,

                                    is not decried by man.

The martyring of man can be self-inflicted with destruction inclusive within a blast,

                                    can be as a sniper’s bullet despatched from afar,

                                    can be within the wars of man yet oft attributed to God.

The martyring of man cuts short the hopes and aspirations,

                                    cuts short the growth and the development,

                                    cuts short the likely sequences within a journey of discipleship.

The martyring of man robs man of his spirit and his soul –

                                                                 when within the lie embracing suicide.

The martyring of man bestows the martyr’s robe –

                                                                 when in a walk leading to adoption into the family of God.

The martyring of man can arise from a groundswell of hate,

                                    can impose a liability where none exists in truth,

                                    can order instruct and chivvy until consent is given under over-riding hatred.

The martyring of man leaves families bereft,

                                    leaves children with the loss as the carer is consumed,

                                    leaves the sounds of death to vibrate as if the clapping for a ‘hero’ or a ‘heroine’ –

                                                                                                                                  within the false bounds of misbelief.

The martyring of man strikes within the gatherings of God,

                                                within the faith of the saints in the entirety of the time sphere of man,

                                                within the commitment to Jesus The Christ,

                                                within the sacrifice on a cross upon the hill of Calvary.

The martyring of man has accompanied throughout the age of His Church:

                                                              from those who would cling to the lies of Satan;

                                                              from those who misused their power and authority;

                                                              from those who would not stand against the fear of man;

                                                              from those creating ‘scapegoats’ among The Chosen where the vilifiers breed the anger –

                                                                                          to convert the crowds into the hate-filled weapons of death-upon-demand.

The martyring of man brings the faith-filled to the fore,

                                    fills the books of exposition,

                                    expounds in honouring those surrendering to their faith.

The martyring of man is not to be seen as a recipe for success,

                                    has dire consequences for the accountable,

                                    has a day of reckoning looming as the days are ticked off a timesheet of mortality.

The martyring of man generates a special place within the heart of God,

                                                     an understanding of the pain and suffering,

                                                     a calling out to God in such a time of stress,

                                                     the seeking of the passing of a crisis which may leave a life intact.

The martyring of man is not a scene for spectators.

The martyring of man is not a scene of consolation.

The martyring of man is a deliberate act of choice within the freewill of man.

The martyring of man shuts the gates of hell on the judged and the merciless –

                                                                                                               who know not the servants of The Living God.”


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