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The Marvels of The Ancients (11.7.15)

“The marvels of the ancients attempted to understand the world in which they lived,

                                               attempted to make sense of all that they encountered,

                                               attempted to explain the mysteries within advancement.

The marvels of the ancients brought extrapolations into the future,

                                             brought explanations on which to build,

                                             brought examples which could be followed with some caution.

The marvels of the ancients were marvels in their time,

                                             were marvels before the eyes of ones and twos,

                                             were marvels of inspiration as placed by the nation builders for both fear and awe.

The marvels of the ancients speak of the wonders of achievement,

                                                       of the concepts inherent in their visions,

                                                       of what may truly be achieved with perseverance to so overcome the difficulties.

The marvels of the ancients outlast the builders and the wreckers,

                                                         the changes wrought by later administrations,

                                                         the missing and the damaged caused both by the theft of man and the weathering of God.

The marvels of the ancients have starting points of simplicity,

                                              have median points of the muscle power of man,

                                              have end points of marvelling in approbation.

The marvels of the ancients are seen in existence through the ages,

                                              are seen in the noting of the thoughts of man,

                                              are seen in the models designed to demonstrate concepts in completion.

The marvels of the ancients speak of levels of attainment,

                                             speak of expertise in calculating,

                                             speak of accuracy in measuring,

                                             speak of precision in construction,

                                             speak of beauty in the finishing.

The marvels of the ancients shelter and protect,

                                             describe and record,

                                             uplift and uphold,

                                             display and preserve –

                                                                  the hand-crafted works of man.

The marvels of the ancients are hidden and obscured in the jungles of the earth,

                                             are buried and reserved in the sandpits of the earth,

                                             are sunken and withheld pending discovery in the sea of the earth.

The marvels of the ancients can await the surfacing brought by man as fare,

                                             can await delivery of the obscure and rare,

                                             can await the time when people come to stare.

The marvels of the ancients can stay within a vault,

                                             can be held securely within the privacy of man,

                                             can sit upon a stand where access is restricted.

The marvels of the ancients speak of times long past,

                                             speak of times when fragments were complete,

                                             speak of times when the shards were discarded with no value,

                                             speak of times when the records were embedded in the stone.

The marvels of the ancients have their tales to tell for those who read the signs,

                                             allow the dead to speak authoritatively to the here and now,

                                             cannot stop the values being set by the present collecting greed of man.

The marvels of the ancients sum up and bestow ideas current in the past,

                                                                      ideas current on horizons seen as incomplete,

                                                               ideas viewable as high points before the levelling of wars or the attrition brought by time.

The marvels of the ancients send time capsules into the future,

                                             share what was and still may be,

                                             speak of wealth and treasures as created by the hands of man and yet hidden in obscurity.

The marvels of the ancients should not be seen as plunder,

                                             deserve a place of honour,

                                             should be elevated with due emphasis to the history attached.

The marvels of the ancients contribute to the history of man,

                                             are not components to be thrown into an auction pit,

                                             are not to be smuggled abroad beyond the borders of belonging,

                                             are not to be without a challenge by a nation claiming to be the source of origin,

                                             are not to be controlled by those who hold the lootings of the past –

                                                                           which do not sustain good titles of possession –

                                                                                         possessions which fail the scrutinies of spotlights on the thefts –

                                                                           or of finders being keepers of that on which they have no claim but greed.

The marvels of the ancients each carry a lesson within their presence –

                                                                                              of how they were acquired,

                                                                                              of how the chain commenced,

                                                                                              of how the first link was distorted by a lie,

                                                                                              of how questions of embarrassment were never posed,

                                                                                              of how the answers would upset the status quo.

The marvels of the ancients were watched in their creation,

                                             were watched throughout the ages,

                                             were watched until this very day,

                                             were watched by God as to how they have been treated;

                                                 as to how the stories of acquisitions are rarely truthful recordings within the chains of ownership.”


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