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The Mountaintop of Life (24.9.14)

“The mountaintop of life is viewed from the pinnacle of access.

 The mountaintop of life is the highpoint of intelligence,

                                        is the nesting place of wisdom,

                                        is the gathering place of knowledge.

The mountaintop of life has a tablecloth laid out for man,

                                       has a tablecloth laid out for the summit of creation,

                                       has a tablecloth laid out for the spreading of the fare.

The mountaintop of life is covered with the tablecloth of white,

                                                        with the tablecloth with tassels round the edge,

                                                        with the tablecloth embroidered with a pattern in relief.

The mountaintop of life carries memories of ascent,

                                       carries memories of an altar,

                                       carries memories of past meals,

                                       carries memories of the cross,

                                       carries memories of grace,

                                       carries memories of but two commandments which fulfil the law.

The mountaintop of life has a pathway up,

                                       has a pathway where many feet do tread,

                                       has a pathway where way-stations proclaim a view of progress,

                                       has sections where stumbles are quite possible,

                                       has way-stations of much comfort where ascent has stopped,

                                       has dwelling places encroaching just below the top,

                                       has temples in their purity instated on the top.

The mountaintop of life grades the ascent of man,

                                       grades the difficulties to be surmounted,

                                       grades the difficulties to be recounted in the birthplace of the testimonies.

The mountaintop of life trains man in preparation,

                                       instills man in his purpose,

                                       leads man in his readiness for his coming home,

                                       guides man in the forsaking of his contaminants found lingering lower down.

The mountaintop of life has clarity of thought;

                                       brings crystal vessels to the tablecloth with the ring and pitch of truth;

                                       has place-settings on the mountaintop where the tablecloth is stretched and firm;

                                                                                                where the wrinkles are removed;

                                                                                                where stains,

                                                                                                   no longer evident,

                                                                                                    cannot indict for a past history of impurity.

The mountaintop of life qualifies the seekers from the dreamers,

                                       qualifies the determined from the view seekers,

                                       qualifies the committed from the sabbath strollers,

                                       qualifies the load-bearers from the recliners,

                                       qualifies the fearing from the brazen,

                                       qualifies the climbers from the watchers,

                                       qualifies the beacon of the truth as it emerges from the fog bank of deceit.

The mountaintop of life basks within the sonlight,

                                       has no clouds to mask the light.

The mountaintop of life lies beyond the storms of life,

                                       lies beyond the misdirections of life,

                                       lies beyond the shallowness of life,

                                       lies beyond the iniquity of life,

                                       lies beyond the carnality of life,

                                       lies beyond the shadowed lands of life.

The mountaintop of life greets the ‘Shalom’* of life:

                                                                             in all its fullness of intent of meaning in its tongue of origin.

The mountaintop of life is not a game of ‘snakes and ladders’,

                                       is not a trial of ‘ups and downs’,

                                       is neither a test of robustness nor of works.

The mountaintop of life is where the quest for life does summit in success,

                                       is where the garland rests for the victor deserving of a crown,

                                       is where the good and faithful servant comes into his own,

                                       is where the coming clouds of conquest will gather all before,

                                       is where the allotted span of man is stripped away to be reborn,

                                       is where the gateway to eternity is declared within proximity.

The mountaintop of life confirms the faith of man,

                                       confirms the God of man,

                                       confirms the life of man.

The mountaintop of life acknowledges both the end and the beginning,

                                                               both the end of the beginning and the beginning of the end,

            both the completion of the preparation of man within mortality and the acceptance of life extending into immortality.

The mountaintop of life readies man who would so seek to become a star of God.

The mountaintop of life confirms the adoption of man into the household of God,

                                                                                        into the family of God:

                                                                       all those in the reality of a loving relationship within The Trinity of God.

The mountaintop of life is the threshold of the heavens.”

Scribal Note:

              *Shalom Peace, tranquility, wholeness, completeness, health, wealth, prosperity, favour. The ability to finish. To be safe.
                                      Nothing missing. Nothing broken. Nothing damaged.


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