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The Playground of The Stars (28.11.12)

“The playground of the stars stretches across the heavens,

                                               stretches across the earth,

                                               stretches across the stepping stones of God.

The playground of the stars stretches from here to there with all which lies between.

The playground of the stars stretches across distances which are immense to man.

The playground of the stars are infilled according to the scale of the design,

                                                                according to the allowance for manoeuvrability,

                                                                according to the neighbours so crowding is not limiting,

                                                                according to the fire of God in motion.

       The infillings of God are minute when seen from afar,

                                          are giants of majesty spread with their children when seen in approach.

Man cannot travel to the distant wonders of God in a body built for earth.

Man cannot presently travel fast enough for the attaining of objectives as present in the distant travelogues of God.

Man is yet to see the scope of his playground with the stars in its full extent.

Man is in his time of incubation where both his time and space are limited by his adolescence.

Man in his destiny of freedom can travel the pathways of the heavens in an instant,

                                                 can visit the handiworks of God,

                                                 can communicate at large as before his birth on earth,

                                                 can have his memory enlarged with the feedback in dimensions,

                                                 can establish answers to his questions of reality,

                                                 can verify and access the truth in the evidence within the companionship of God.

Man is not impeded when dressed in the body of his destiny with God.”


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