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The Potential of Man (5.9.14)

“The whiskers of a kitten are significant in the life of a kitten.

The whiskers of a kitten function within the knowledge of the kitten,

                                       function within the parameters relating to the kitten,

                                       function within the sensory perceptions of the kitten,

                                       function in concert for the welfare of the kitten,

                                       function by way of the necessity of life,

                                       function as intended without a conscious effort

The arms of man measure his environment,

                            measure fore and aft,

                            measure to and fro,

                            measure his capability,

                            measure his reach of interaction,

                            measure his sphere of dwelling.

The fins of a fish gauge the top and bottom,

                             gauge the front and rear,

                             gauge the left and right,

                             gauge the water movement,

                             gauge the positioning of the body,

                             gauge the nook or cranny as a suitable retreat.

The setting of the seeds are applicable to their mode of travel:

                                       are buoyant for the seas,

                                       are winged to travel in a spread,

                                       are shaped for the birds,

                                       are fluffy for the winds,

                                       are exploded by the sun,

                                       are sticky for adherence on a brush-past to new ground.

The directing of the clouds concerns volume and capacity,

                                                       height and velocity,

                                                       temperature and density,

                                                       renewal and dissipation,

                                                       the catchment and the need,

                                                       the topography and the drainage.


       and many others,

                 are in the dominion of man,

                 are in the prayer fields of man,

                 are in the declarations and the decrees of man,

                 are in the supervision and the control of those who rest within the oversight of God.

       For such as these are so placed by God for the benefit of man,

                                                                      that the dominion of man may relate to God,

                                                                      so the inheritance of man in his mortality has the reality of authority.

       For only then with understanding does man’s kingdom reign begin.

       For only then with wisdom’s application are conflicts resolved within the fabric of the societies of life.

       For only then has maturity determined its arrival so to guide the will of man.

       For only then can righteousness declare and prosper,

                              can love expand and not be crushed,

                              can life in all abundance be honoured each new day,

                              can God the creator of existence be placed upon His throne in the presence of man,

                              can God fulfil the destiny of earth by coming to the bridal suite,

                              can God so establish the eternal from the mortal in a relationship with man.

       For only then can heaven descend upon the earth;

                              can earth arise unto the heavens;

                              can realms of infinite complexity be shared and understood;

                              can the conceptual grandeur of the stars become available to the spirit and the soul of man;

                              can man become fully conversant with the companionship of God,

                              can man be free to mingle to enjoy the scope and scale of the creations of The Living God.”


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