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The Power of Speech (7.12.12)

“The power of speech should be evident to man,

                                    should make him cautious in its use,

                                    should warn him of its misuse.

The power of speech knows the blessing and the curse,

                                              the praise and the discrediting,

                                              the worship and the blasphemy.

The power of speech is the life changer of man,

                                   is the influencer of nations,

                                   is the starter of the wars,

                                   is the ender of the wars.

The power of speech is there in the warring of man,

                                                  with no glory so attached nor attributed by God.

           For that which has no glory cannot bestow glory on another.

           For that which heeds no glory cannot carry glory unto another.

           For that whose being is to pillage and destroy has no glory amongst the desolation and the heart break:

                                            as men in suits and safety proclaim with pride their doing:

                                                                   until their heart’s content with their doings of the day.

The power of speech can praise or can haunt with a simple turn of phrase.

The power of speech is as a powerhouse waiting to be turned on –

                                      as the generators start to hum,

                                      as the living water flows,

                                      as the transformers conduct the power into the formations of the day,

                                      as the transmitters attend the parcels affixed with destination codes,

                                      as the deliveries are made,

                                      as each has been allotted –

                      so the words of man enlighten with delivery or fade into the darkness:

                                      as delivery becomes dependent,

                                               enlivened or curtailed,

                                                         on the throwing of a switch.

The power of speech can envelop or dismay,

                                   can endear or distance,

                                   can encourage love or hate.

The power of speech has many facets open to discovery,

                                                             open to practising,

                                                             open to learning,

                                                             open to adopting into a way of life.

The power of speech can bring a kingdom crashing down,

                                   can bring a nation to its knees in prayer,

                                   can bring creativity to the world of man.

The power of speech can share and develop:

                                   can communicate man to animals,

                                   can communicate man to man,

                                   can communicate man to God.

The power of speech can communicate amongst the stars,

                                   can communicate amongst the nations,

                                   can communicate amongst realities by The Spirit with the tongue in place.

The power of speech can shatter and destroy the hope within a heart,

                                                                        the faith within a soul,

                                                                        the prayer within a spirit,

                                                                        the livelihood within the hands,

                                                                        the love within a family,

                                                                        the peace within a city,

                                                                        the growth within a nation.

The power of speech is as a two-edged sword:

                  with one edge blunt and forgiving worn smooth by daily use;

                  with the other razor sharp in slashing the flesh from the bone,

                                                                              the bone from the marrow as destruction reigns.

The power of speech should be handled with great care,

                                   should recall the objectives prior to passing through the lips.


               as the wise are aware,

                   speech once issued cannot be recalled,

                                                    cannot be deleted,

                                                    cannot be edited:

                                                    cannot often speak clearly because of a blockage in the throat –

                                                                                when an apology is due for what has gone before.

The power of speech:

         the content of speech,

         the tone of speech,

         the objective of speech,

         the effects of speech,

         the loudness of speech,

         the quantity of speech,

         the truth of speech –

                        all is monitored by God as it falls on the ears of man.”


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