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The Present Edifice of God (14.5.15)

“The present edifice of God has more majesty than might.

The present edifice of God is more hidden than displayed.

The present edifice of God is more ineffectual than rewarding.

The present edifice of God mops up the resources of man as tribute to The God of majesty.

The present edifice of God spends effort on conferences which are not called to account,

                                                                                                      have no measures of success,

                                                                                                      are wordfests without power,

                                                                                                      put but loads upon the pocket,

                                                                                                      are forgotten soon after each returns.

The present edifice of God is a platform for the vain,

                                            is a platform where dressage within a wardrobe has been dusted off for duty,

                                                                 where clothing has replaced the armour,

                                                                 where scope and scale compete head-on,

                                            is a platform where much is seen on sale,

                                                                 where much is purchased not to be reviewed,

                                                                 where much is said with little to be remembered,

                                                                 where the action invited for commitment barely lasts until the exit door.

The present edifice of God deals in convenience and comfort,

                                            deals in schedules and appointments,

                                            deals in finances with subscriptions given many other names.

The present edifice of God dwells in arenas where examples are far from common,

                                            rarely sends or goes,

                                            likes arranging tourist trips with very little impact on the needs –

                                                                                                                       yet with image-takers well and truly to the fore.

The present edifice of God prefers discussions rather than working within the miracles of God.

The present edifice of God is comfortable in sitting in the here and now,

                                                                               rather than reaching out into ‘What can be’ and ‘Where?’

The present edifice of God has chair-sitters galore,

                                            gathers commitments as if confetti on the floor,

                                            has the immune to calls standing in the queues as the deaf and dumb,

                                            has repetitious requests for prayer from those missing from the fields where the rewards are great.

The present edifice of God needs reassignment to escape its harbour as created,

                                                                                           its static resting where it is not supposed to be,

                                                                                           its ignorance of life within the waves of man,

                                                                                           its hollowness endemic in its non-disturbing messages –

                                                                                  where responsibility treads carefully around the fear of revelation.

The present edifice of God has forgotten the uniqueness of its call,

                                            is busy on the social rather than the spiritual,

                                            is seeking to combine,

                                                                       rather than to protect,

                                                                                          its platform built upon the blood,
                                                             to combine what was the anathema of the past now dressed with acceptability distilled for

                                                                                                                                                                                    the flesh of man.

The present edifice of God has lost the distinction between what is right or wrong,

                                            has lost the reference to hell as a destiny of existence,

                                            has lost sight of the end-time clarity of the voice of God –

                                                                                                  through the liberal quantities of muddied clamouring.

The present edifice of God is closing down its shop fronts,

                                            is in denial of the glory of the past as filled with much achievement,

                                            has deserted its history as it has proclaimed nothing worth the saying,

                                                                                                                  nothing worth the hearing,

                                                                                                                  nothing worth the doing –

                                                                                       with the unspoken agreement of the multitudes in standing off.

The present edifice of God has traded-in its original message to the world –

                                                to one where life can be lived without the mentioning of hell;

                                                            where immorality brings a telescope to a blinded eye as for one who will not see,

                                                            where contentious items are are not raised for feared impact on the purse strings –

                                                                                                                                                      or the straying of the flock,

                                                            where talk of sin is re-interpreted as talk of love and grace.

The present edifice of God is a salute to the slumbering and the absent,

                                                             to the uninspiring with the clergy of the sinecures,

                                                             to the selective sermons which witness to the liberal minds –

                                                                         with concepts found to be acceptable through the banishment of hell.

The present edifice of God is soon to be awakened,

                                            is soon to be renewed in outlook,

                                            is soon to be rebuked for the error of its ways,

                                            is soon to be shaken,

                                            is soon to have tested the ability to stand or to so collapse upon the earth.

The present edifice of God needs to stand on the word,

                                                      to preach without fear or favour:

                                                                to be the cry of promise in the wilderness of sin,

                                                                to be the only lifeboat which bypasses hell,

                                                                to be the voice of reason offering salvation to the hopeless,

                                                                to be the affirmer of the youth with vocations sought from God,

                                                                to be the sound shell for the voice of God as recognized and heard,

                                                                to be the experienced as the preparers for communication within eternity,

                                                                to be the expositors of knowledge on the far side of the grave.

The present edifice of God is charged to serve God in winning the souls of man for Christ,

                                                             to defy the devil wherever to be encountered,

                                                             to speak and warn of the need for righteousness as the harbinger of peace,

                                                             to ensure an awareness of how evil affects cultures and societies,

                                                             to speak and heal as tasked by God in the removal of idolatry –

                                                                                                                           the man-made useless substitutes for God.”


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