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The Railway of Life (2.3.14)

“The railway of life carries people to their destinations:

                                                        to where they want to go,

                                                        to where their mistakes will count and make a difference.

The railway of life transports over rails which drum and put to sleep;

                                               over rails which rattle where they shake;

                                               over rails aligned where the ride is smooth;

                                               over rails of ascent where the track is steep and slow;

                                               over rails of descent where the track discovers gravity and brakes;

                                               over rails well worn where the way is known –

                                                                                where the sway is comforting –

                                                                                where memory is served –

                                                                                where beauty is disclosed all along the way.

The railway of life is organized and thorough,

                                           knows the stations of the stops,

                                           knows the trestles and the bridges,

                                                       the gorges and the passes,

                                                       the rivers and the hills,

                                                       the plains and the mountains,

                                                       the water and the snow,

                                                       the steam and the ice.

The railway of life negotiates the cuts and the switchbacks,

                                                the rockfalls and the washouts,

                                                the downpours and the runoffs,

                                                the heat and the cold,

                                                the windswept and the calm,

                                                the strong and the weak,

                                                the vibrant and encouraging.

The railway of life shunts and builds,

                               couples and dismisses,

                               picks up and drops off,

                               tickets and smuggles.

The railway of life brings both life and death,

                               brings both joy and disappointment,

                               brings both recompense and reward,

                               brings both happiness and penury,

                               brings both wealth and greed,

                               brings both trial and justice.

The railway of life has guests who freely ride in celebration,

                               has guests who fully pay the price of their endeavours.

The railway of life is the transporting arm of the freewill of man:

                                               that which supports the journey which each must undertake –

                                               that which delivers some to where their sights are set;

                                                                               some to where their mistakes have led them;

                                                                               some to where they don’t want to go;

                                                                               some to where a decision made in time has wrought a change in destination;

                                                                               some to where intransigence has despatched them to despair.

The railway of life knows the destination awaiting victory,

                               knows the destination built upon defeat,

                                                                               brings recognition to the fulfilment of the dreams.

The railway of life knows the urgency implicit in the whistle stop at the dying,

                               knows the terminals where time is not an issue of immediacy –

                                                                                                   where loitering is common.

The railway of life offers tracks which bend and twist where speed is not encouraged;

                                                    which are circular in nature and know the mountains well;

                                                    which run straight and true in expressing the wonder of the journey;

                                                    which are mostly tunnel bound –

                                                                                     rarely see the light –

                                                                                     rarely offer glimpses of the scenery –

                                                                                     rarely break the monotony of rocking on the way;

                                                    which traverse the lowlands and the valleys in comfort and in style –

                                                                                                    where the stopping is convenient –

                                                                                                    where the landscape is not stressed –

                                                                                                    where lingering becomes attractive for a season.

The railway of life can be disembarked at the shedding of a journey,

                               can lead unto disaster with the termination of a life,

                               can miss out on all intended for disclosure,

                               can deny the possibility of a better destination.

The railway of life carries the impetus of life:

                               can be adjusted in a myriad of ways,

                               can be adjusted for a myriad of destinations,

                               can be adjusted by the hesitant,

                               can be adjusted by the steadfast,

                               can be adjusted by the self-convinced,

                               can be adjusted by the users and usurpers.

The railway of life can be adjusted for alignment within the will of The Living God.

The railway of life can supply the means to reach the destination offered by God –

                               can witness a life of joy with happiness,

                                                            of satisfaction in achievement,

                                                            of blessings for fulfilment:

                                             riding the straightened rails of The God of Love to freedom –

                                                                                                                       as filled with the wonders of exultation.

The railway of life supplies a guard,

                                             a driver,

                                      and a collector of the tickets.”


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