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The Reasoning of Man (5.8.15)

“The reasoning of man is the enemy of faith.

The reasoning of man attacks faith when under stress,

                                                faith when under misunderstanding,

                                                faith which conflicts with the facts of man.

The reasoning of man is waiting in the eaves to elbow faith aside,

                                                                         to supplant faith with all its promises,

                                                                         to puncture faith as if a balloon within a briar patch.

The reasoning of man dispenses with faith in the selecting of the soul,

                                                                     in the chastening of the spirit,

                                                                     in the ignoring of a likelihood which speaks to common sense.

The reasoning of man should not overwrite the spoken word of God,

                                                                      the counsel of My Spirit,

                                                                      the combing of the word,

                                                                      the experience of man’s spirit in holding hands with God.

The reasoning of man is the foe of salvation,

                                    is the foe of the teachings of the cross,

                                    is the foe of a belief system based upon creation with the spoken word of God.

The reasoning of man imposes the dominance of man’s experiences among the secular,

                                    belittles faith for its stretching of the rational and the physical,

                                    draws a line between what is deemed to be either possible or impossible within the scope of man.

The reasoning of man has little room for hope,

                                    limits the consideration to that comprising a perception of the truth,

                                    segments the difficult into smaller and smaller partitions of the mind.

The reasoning of man leads him into difficulties as he studies with his mind:

                                                                              where parallel lines meet at infinity:

                                                                              where curves and circles are composed of fragments of straight lines.

The reasoning of man is presently not compatible with faith,

                                    is at loggerheads with the spiritual,

                                    is not a bed-fellow of the sacred.

The reasoning of man loves repeatability,

                                    feels at home in a two-way street,

                                    feels lost when within a one-way street which only leads to God.

The reasoning of man has a time and place for which it is birthed in man,

                                                                      in which it commands the physical and the mundane,

                                                                      by which it searches out discoveries within the world of man.

The reasoning of man builds upon the past with projections for the future,

                                    builds upon the past with modifications for the present,

                                    builds upon the preceding giants who thought and thought and thought.

The reasoning of man cannot bypass the empirical,

                                    has difficulty with theories,

                                    can stray into the arena of logic,

                                    can visit the frontier of chaos.

The reasoning of man is both a blessing and a curse:

                                                             as it produces health within a tablet or a syringe,

                                                             as it produces weapons of destruction fit for terminating man.

The reasoning of man is oft driven by the lusts of man:

                                                             the lust for wealth beyond a count,

                                                             the lust for fame and fortune,

                                                             the lust for mastery and superiority,

                                                             the lust for dominance and control,

                                                             the lust for governance of the multitudes,

                                                             the lust for all that Satan offers under different names which speak of acceptability.

The reasoning of man will not willingly lead to God,

                                    will not procure righteousness,

                                    will not accept a walk of faith,

                                    will not magnify the reality of the spiritual:

                                                        as witnessed to by Jesus the only living God,

                                                        as witnessed to by the miracles with the signs and wonders in His Name,

                                                        as witnessed to by witnesses who experienced these and know,

                                                        as witnessed to by the tongues of heaven as they are welcomed by the earthbound.

The reasoning of man will not lead man into the spiritual,

                                    will not show man the gifts of The Spirit,

                                    will not share with man the inheritance of God,

                                    will not take man to be adopted into the household borne by faith,

                                    will not secure man within a destiny of choice,

                                    will not confess God’s part in preparing the earth for man.

The reasoning of man serves man well in dealing with the physical,

                                    serves man foolishly in depriving man of the spiritual:

                                                                                                  with all which he can be destined to receive.

The reasoning of man needs to be so balanced with faith:

                                                                        so all the doors are opened,

                                                                        so all the prospects are available,

                                                                        so choice and attribution are available and free within the truth.

The reasoning of man is a gift of God and not to be made restrictive to the exclusion of God.”


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