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The Seeding of Wealth (26.2.14)

“The seeding of wealth by planting seeds which are unrelated,

                                                                   of different kinds,

                                                                   of different fruit,

                                            will not return that which is expected to a heart of double-mindedness,

                                                                                                        to a heart of uncertainty,

                                                                                                        to a heart of trial and error.

The seeding of wealth can be a concept allied to the fortune hunters of the past,

                                     can be a concept both misused and misquoted,

                                     can be but a scheme of immaturity which shakes within its setting,

                                     can be but as a reservoir of water watched as it soaks into the sand,

                                     can be but a dissipation of that which was gathered with great care,

                                     can be but a measure of the wisdom currently installed.

The seeding of wealth is a practice where the intent is all important,

                                                                                          with the guidance going on before.

The seeding of wealth is the secret to independence from the Shylocks of the world,

                                     is the secret derived from inbound wisdom,

                                     is the secret evident in denial by the shaking of the head,

                                     is the secret formulated for success,

                                     is the secret worth remembering by those who would climb the ladder:

                                                                                               those with righteousness and purpose;

                                                                                               those with commitment and sustainability;

                                                                                               those with initiative and drive;

                                                             those who do not break the bounds in achieving long term goals;

                                                                                               those who value their integrity and keep it to the fore.

The seeding of wealth brings about accretions over time,

                                                         compounding interest accruing every period,

                                                         doubling of capital with a frequency determined by the interest rate and rest.

The seeding of wealth is a recipe known by the wise,

                                     is used by the wise,

                                     is a law accepted by the wise.

The seeding of wealth knows the law which yields the secret of the doubling frequency:

                                                                                                       the interest rate calling on division into 72.

The seeding of wealth knows the law which blesses wealth creation;

                                     knows the law behind the fortunes which have changed the world –

                                                                                                                        for better and for worse;

                                     knows the law which sustains philanthropy;

                                     knows the law which feeds the charities;

                                     knows the law which builds foundations filled for teaching;

                                     knows the law which services families,




                                     knows the law which invites embezzlement and fraud.

The seeding of wealth is well known to the wise as a viable objective,

                                                                                      accounts for any bite stolen by inflation,

                                                                                      accounts for any chunk taken by taxation,

                                                                                      accounts for the amount within a trust.

The seeding of wealth knows the value of discernment,

                                     knows the value of protecting nest eggs –

                                                                                         from rust and vermin in their guises –

                                                                                         from attacks upon the future –

          in guarding the nest egg in the present so the objectives of the future can accumulate without impediment:

                                                                        to not be pilfered on the way.

The seeding of wealth is at its fastest when contributions are the greatest in the early years,

                                                                                                                        before interests lends a hand,

                                                                                                                        before interest starts to match,

                                                                                                                        before interest overwhelms.

The seeding of wealth is most dramatic for the young,

                                     is most effective when not tapped,

                                     is most dramatic when the interest far exceeds the draw-off in maturity.

The seeding of wealth can be dependent on bricks and mortar,

                                     can be dependent upon the gleam of gold,

                                     can be dependent upon securities of paper held within the vaults,

                                     can be dependent upon demand in the presence of a customer,

                                     can be dependent upon addiction,

                                     can be dependent upon monopolies,

                                     can be dependent upon dishonesty involving much deceit.

The acquiring of wealth can absorb the will of man,

                                       can bring its own addiction,

                                       can make a miser of a multi-millionaire.

The acquiring of wealth is made difficult for the employed,

                                       is assisted for the self-employed.

The acquiring of wealth is not a means without an end,

                                       should not be a knot which binds the wealth seeker to an early grave,

                                       is not sufficient cause for the neglecting of a family,

                                       has an endpoint of sufficiency as independence is acquired:

                                                                              as freedom accepts an invitation to attend.

The acquiring of wealth knows the passing of the years,

                                       knows how the nest egg grows or shrinks each day,

                                       knows the cost of everything:

                                                                              yet rarely seeks the valuable.

The acquiring of wealth covers both the sacred and the secular,

                                       should result in an even balance:

                                                                              with confirmation of no tipping of the scales.

The acquiring of wealth is a blessing from The Lord when deemed to be held in trust and righteousness prevails within the soul.”


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