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The Soul of Man (3) (7.7.14)

“The soul of man differentiates him from the animals,

                             establishes him in a position of uniqueness,

                             places him into the family of God.

The soul of man qualifies man for a posting among the stars of God,

                           qualifies him for advancement in eternity,

                           qualifies him for development under the oversight of God.

The soul of man reaches its majesty in righteousness,

                           establishes its progression in faith,

                           upholds its linkages in truth.

The soul of man forsakes sin as a condition of acceptance,

                           retains sin as a cause of rejection.

The soul of man may be burnished by the spirit to perfection,

                   may be honed by the spirit to the sharpness known by God which separates the flesh of man.

  The soul of man may operate within a freewill which is acceptable to God,

                                                                 which is approved by God,

                                                                 which is sought by God,

                                                                 which is filled with God,

                                                                 which is sanctified by God for all eternity.

The soul of man may be retuned by man,

                           may be modified by his spirit,

                           may be enhanced by his character,

                           may be blessed by God as righteousness prevails,

                           may see the seed of faith grow into a tree of eternal life.

The soul of man develops best in the son light,

                           fulfils its potential in accepting counsel,

                           graduates to the intended degree when paying full attention,

                                                                                when persevering to the end of the course,

                                                                                when broaching the ribbon without a slackening pace.

The soul of man is the entity worth progressing,

                           is the entity of being,

                           is the entity of presence,

                           is the entity of memory,

                           is the entity of knowledge,

                           is the entity of contest with the devil.

The soul of man is the entity whose company is sought by God,

                                               whose company adds to a family,

                                               whose company is encouraged to bond in a new relationship of trust in truth.

The soul of man has an amazing journey planned,

                           has promises securing it,

                           has projections carried forward,

                           has screens removing all the dross.

The soul of man polished and perfected should be the end-time goal of the mortality of man.

The soul of man guided and directed should be strengthened by the wisdom from imparting.

The soul of man with character and empiricism can attain a dwelling place in the edifice of God.

The soul of man is stirred to life by the cup of remembrance upon his lips,

                           is stirred to life by the bread of life upon his tongue.

The soul of man can burst forth from the bindings and the bounds,

                          can break forth into freedom of the light,

                          can leave his rags and his attitudes of filth –

                                          his despondencies and his difficulties –

                                          his disasters and his doubts –

                                                            strewn within the field of grace.

The soul of man can arise and conquer,

                           can assimilate and surpass,

                           can enlist and be supported:

                                                  until the day of graduation.

The soul of man has a wedding in the offing,

                                 a wedding requiring preparation,

                                 a wedding with an open door into a future of magnificence.

The soul of man should seek and hold the hand of the groom on offer,

                                                                of the groom of grace,

                                                                of the groom who has laid out the welcome mat,

                                                                of the groom with dwellings for His bride,

                                                                of the groom who has brought the mortality of man to be,

                                                                of the groom who would lead His people home.

The soul of man is his keepsake from the past,

                           is his present in the present,

                           is his being embedded in his future.

                                     The soul of man with wisdom will be sheltered under the care of God.”

Scribal Note: ‘Soul of Man’ p244 2nd book ‘Scrolls’; ‘Soul of Man (2)’ p34 6th Book ‘Bride’.


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