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The Sound of Laughter (2.12.12)

“The sound of laughter is not within the languages of man,

                                      is not with the languages of the heavens.

The sound of laughter breaks forth from within the vocalities of the heavens,

                                    breaks forth from within  the vocality of man.

The sound of laughter is within the vocality of man along with the giggles and with the sniggers,

                                                                                         the guffaws and with the screams,

                                                                                         the sneezes and with the coughs,

                                                                                         the crying and with the sobbing,

                                                                                         the sighing and with the gasps,

                                                                                         the grunts and with the groans.

The sound of laughter can be spontaneous or strained;

                                    can be long or short-lived;

                                    can be nervous or constrained;

                                    can be heavy or restrained;

                                    can be forced or carefree,

                                    can be loud or soft,

                                    can be contagious or checked,

                                    can be choked or on the verge of tears.

The sound of laughter pricks the ears with curiosity for;

                                    motivates the eyes to discern the source of;

                                    encourages the soul to stand and watch:

                  the happiness bringing forth the outbursts from both the gleeful and the joyful,

                                               from both the jolly and the amused,

                                               from both the presence of the joker and the teller of the tales,

                                               from both the lovers of endearments and the whisperers –

                                                                                                       with too much breath in ears.

The sound of laughter can come in gales,

                                    can come and be difficult to stop,

                                    can come and be stifled at its birth,

                                    can come to be subject to a shush,

                                    can come to be subject to a glare,

                                    can come to be subject to a sideways stare,

                                    can come and continue when the mouth is tightly closed:

                                                                        as it turns into a snigger with the face becoming red.

The sound of laughter is infectious and can spread,

                                    carries an invitation to join the source of merriment,

                                    can leave one helpless rolling on the ground,

                                    can leave one gasping and feeling out of breath.

The sound of laughter can be sudden and unexpected,

                                    can be disabling and leaning for support,

                                    can be repetitive in the recycling of the memory,

                                    can be embarrassing when it will not stop.

The sound of laughter brings smiles of goodwill to the onlookers,

                                    is medicine both to the weary spirit and to the downcast soul.

The sound of laughter is a tonic to the body,

                                    can accompany the clapping of the hands and the dancing of the feet,

                                    is the signing of the festive revelries of man,

                                    is the signpost to the joyful celebrations of man,

                                    is a measure of the level of the relating unto his fellow man,

                                                                            of the reconciliation of man unto his God.”


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