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The Stalling of Man (3.12.12)

“The stalling of man is quite common and widespread.

The stalling of man is due to his curiosity,

                                is due to the ease of his distraction,

                                is due to the intent of his foe,

                                is due to his lack of attentiveness to the task in hand.

The stalling of man brings man to a halt,

                                brings man to investigate an errant train of thought,

                                brings man to make a conscious effort to reinstall the line of progress he was following.

The stalling of man is as a peripheral walk shaped as a diamond,

                                is as the unnecessary extending of the walk while browsing,

                                is as the wayward walk when the objective is not paramount.

The stalling of man speaks of not being concerned with progress,

                                            of stopping to examine whatever takes his fancy,

                                            of being at the beck and call of the direction of the wind.

The stalling of man often is a return to base for something overlooked,

                                                                       for gathering and dropping,

                                                                       for the need to search for the mislaid and for the promise to return.

The stalling of man can be casualness in action,

                                can be a tactic to delay,

                                can be the result of unpreparedness in the way of acquisitions.

The stalling of man can stifle the completion of the intended works of God,

                                can muddy and confuse the crystal clarity of the water,

                                can leave footprints going round in circles,
                                can leave footprints retreating for retrieval of that deemed necessary as an adjunct to that thought ample

                                                                                                                                                                                      at departure.

The stalling of man can make him late for work,

                                can cause him to miss appointments,

                                can unnecessarily extend his timing for completions,

                                can be an extraneous cup of coffee slowly sipped.

The stalling of man can be a weather bomb bringing surplus,

                                can be a running out of energy,

                                can be a breakage in mobility,

                                can be an unexpected guest,

                                can be a long distance call,

                                can be further distractions preventing readiness to leave,

                                can be a freewill decision in the changing of priorities.

The stalling of man can impinge on his walk with God,

                                can affect his relationship with God,

                                can distract him from his taskings from God.

The stalling of man should not be permitted to interrupt the chain of his activities,

                                should not fail to be recognized for what it is,

                                should not be accepted as inherent in his way of life,

                                should not always be waiting just around the corner:

                                                                                    there to cause disruption and delay.

The stalling of man in his decision process is critical to man,

                                may send him to an unintended destination,

                                may commit him to an unwanted destiny,

                                may expose him to the distraught and unforgiving,

                                may place him where he never thought he’d be,

                                may leave him wondering how on earth this came to be,

                                may find him back-peddling in desperation as he rears back from the very edge of the cliff of death.

         The cliff of death terminates man’s time of preparation,

                                                       his time under grace,

                                                       his time to join the bride,

                                                       his time for making the decisions which impact on his destiny.

         The cliff of death locks in the stallings of man with all he failed to set in motion.

         The cliff of death terminates the opportunity for commitment while it is still today.

         The cliff of death welcomes to the grave with demons looking on.”


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