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The Stream of Life (16.5.15)

“The stream of life requires extremely fine tuning of its environment.

The stream of life is fragile and easily disfigured.

The stream of life is sacred yet open to attack.

The stream of life is precious with relationships of wonder.


                  for the sackers and the poachers,

                  for the chewers and the spewers-out,

                  for the ransackers and the orphan-makers:

                           so they may become enlightened with a changing of their attitudes.


                  for the disturbers of the balances,

                  for the thrashers of the waters,

                  for the crushers of the foliage:

                           so their eyes may start to appreciate what their hands destroy.


                  for the subjugators of the masses,

                  for the spreaders of the wastelands,

                  for the misers of the surpluses:

                           so they may come to understand the error of their ways.

The stream of life is segmented into niches which are generous,

                              is difficult to view closeup without a lens,

                              is best observed as an overview from space.

The stream of life is extensive and interdependent according to the seasons and the water fall upon the earth.

The stream of life is restricted and measures loss when entrusted to the feet which trample,

                                                                                                        to the feet lit by a torch,

                                                                                                        to the feet prepared to run.

The stream of life succumbs to mass attacks when organized for orchestration to a selfish tune of greed.

The stream of life replenishes when options are understood,

                                                 when excesses are not present,

                                                 when the storm of taking does not exceed the rate of regeneration.

The stream of life is vigorous when resources are abundant,

                                                when expansion is without a penalty,

                                                when the imprint of a predator is not seen approaching.

The stream of life is capable of partaking in predation –

                                                                            is intrinsic to survival,

                                                                            has defences built to cope,

                                                                            has reflexes to handle the brevity of the warning.

The stream of life is damaged –

                                      sometimes beyond repair –

                                                by man as he employs the tools of death.


                  the tools of death with their efficiency and speed.


                  the tools of death marshalled and instructed.


                  the tools of death man in his stupidity uses on himself.

The stream of life has much scope for exploration,

                              has much scope for learning,

                              has much scope to instruct and teach,

                              has much scope to be a blessing in the fields of enquiry as posed by man.

The stream of life in observation should be a wonder to behold.

The stream of life in experience should be a thrilling episode of cycling.

The stream of life in terminating should be an example of a generation.

The stream of life views itself but partially,

                              views itself as permitted by the presence or the absence of the colours,

                              views itself in silence or in the clamour of the hearing,

                              views itself in movement or located with the stillness,

                              views itself in light or the shading unto absence,

                              views itself in glory or in the necessity just fitted for survival.

The stream of life can relocate in an emergency,

                              can repossess when parameters are restored,

                              can diffuse into an environment of success.

The stream of life can structure and modify,

                              can change and enhance,

                              can engineer and design.

The stream of life is in the mode designed for honouring within the creation fields of God.

The stream of life is the final item of addition bringing fruition to the building blocks of God.

The stream of life is the accolade of perfection installed by God in fulfilment of the presence of the wonders within time.

The stream of life can carry recognition of self-awareness with the dominance of freewill as the ultimate salute to God.”


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