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The Superstitions of Man (4.3.14)

“The crossing of the fingers is not a sign of faith,

   the knocking on wood is not a sign of faith,

   the wishing for results is not a sign of faith,

   the casting of coins within a fountain is not a sign of faith,

   the whistling up the wind is not a sign of faith,

   the throwing of salt over the shoulder is not a sign of faith.

The superstitions of man should not be mingled in his faith.

The superstitions of man signify the pre-emption of the devil affirming the attention of man.

The superstitions of man were bred in sorcery and witchcraft of a bygone era,

                                        were meant to be overcome by man,

                                        were meant to be dispatched in the dustbins of the past.

The superstitions of man seal the foolishness of man,

                                                his lacking of perception,

                                                his hope kept alive by stupid actions without merit.

The superstitions of man have their own altar for attendance,

                                                 their own altar for the offerings,

                                                 their own altar for serving the flesh of man,

                                                                         for approaching the forbidden,

                                                                         for seeking favours from the outcast,

                                                                         for seeking companionship from an evil entity.

The superstitions of man testify against him,

                                        are summoned to tear down his aspirations,

                                        segregate the godless into factions of disagreement,

                                        enhance the lies for confirmation as the answer to the truth,

                                        bring confusion to decisions on the family,

                                        bring unholy alliances together where nothing is as it seems.

The superstitions of man cross swords with righteousness;

                                        match swords with civilian unrest,

                                                               with civilian disobedience,

                                                               with civilian attacking of the outposts deemed vulnerable,

                                                               with civilian seeking of destruction of the churches within the edifice of God:

                                                                           The God who died once upon a cross yet lives for evermore.

The superstitions of man impact on reality by the choice of 13,

                                                                     by the choice of 888,

                                                                     by the choice of 666,

                                        where such may or may not be difficult to allocate depending on perception.

The superstitions of man see the breaking of a wishbone for the larger piece –

                                                                              in the selective granting of a wish;

                                               the placing of a ring,

                                                                      a button,

                                                                              in a christmas cake of standing;

                                               the searching for four-leaf clovers,

                                                                           a horseshoe,

                                                                           a pin,

                                                                              as supposed carriers of good luck.

The superstitions of man have compiled many items in the listing designed either to placate –

                                                                                                                         or win the approval of –

                                                                                                             the gods of man.

The superstitions of man are seen as real and timely –

                                                                     by those confessing with their tongues to being superstitious.

The superstitions of man impact on lives right at the starting point;

                                        advance as interest increases:

                                                            to horoscopes;

                                                            to reading meaning into bumps;



                                                                       tea and coffee cups when the residues are left in place.

The superstitions of man can lead into the occult:

                                                                      with mediums,

                                                                      with table rapping,

                                                                      with card reading,

                                                                      with séances for communication with the dead.

The superstitions of man can end up in possession where demonic behaviour can be witnessed,

                                        can end up with a pentacle in the worshipping of death,

                                        can end up where deliverance is needed for the breaking of the curses and the vows.

The superstitions of man come and go as thieves in the night:

                                        are supported by being handed down through the generations,

                                        are pressed on the gullible with earnestness and guile,

                                        are secreted in the soul where the spirit cannot reach,

                                        are the architects with the authority to establish allergies,

                                                                                                                     diseases of the flesh,

                                                                                                                     illness of the bones;

                                                                                                  to magnify and to weaken;

                                                                                                  to dehydrate and to wrinkle;

                                                                                                  to tremor and to shake;

                                                                                                  to introduce a fever;

                                                                                                  to bring a cough designed to linger;

                                                                                                  to install aches and pains in the muscles and the tendons.

The superstitions of man have patient reinforcement added to their actions,

                                        keep records of their deeds,

                                        insinuate and blacken the reputations of those who know the victory:

                                                                                                                            within the spoken word of God.

The superstitions of man will not prevail in the presence of The Living God as He deploys His children,

                                                                                                                                         with authority and wisdom,

                                                               to cleanse and to dismiss in The Name above all names.”


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