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The Timetable of God for Man (28.11.12)

“The creation table of God is not fixed in stone;

                                            is dependent in part on the actions of man;

                                            is dependent in part on the preparedness of My bride;

                                            is dependent in part on the proclamations of The Good News unto the multitudes,

                                                                                                in reaching both fore and aft,

                                                                                                in reaching both port and starboard –

                                                                 so the stars may board with a better view of the destination.

The timetable for man,

         within the creation table of God,

                approaches the section where the laggard entries are to the fore:

                                                     where the laggard entries have had due allowance made;

                                                     where the laggard entries shall not result in extended waiting;

                                                     where the laggard entries shall not justify postponement for the eager and the ready;

                                                     where the laggard entries shall be annotated as such on the entries of the day;

                                                     where the laggard entries shall have access to the call for mercy.

The timetable of God for man is not controlled by,

                                                 is not dependent on,

                                                 is not conditional on,

                                                 is not reflective of,

                         the laggard entries arising from the perturbations within the freewill choice of man.

The timetable of God for man is part of His grand design,

                                                 is spread across the aeons as if days in the sight of God,

                                                 is the birthright of man in his development down the ages.

The timetable of God for man holds the entry for man knocking on the door of life,

                                                 holds the entry of God sharing in the life of man,

                                                 holds the entry of God returning for His bride,

                                                 holds the entry of God initiating the eternity of man’s maturity with God.

The timetable of God for man has its precision withheld from man,

                                                 has the seasons for preparation so declared in time,

                                                 has the coming moves of God declared according to His will:

                                                                                                         by His prophets whom He knows.”


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