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The Trail of Miracles (29.11.12)

“The trail of miracles is a testimony in itself,

                                   is a testimony of the love of God,

                                                           of His answered prayers,

                                                           of the presence of the ongoing supranatural.

The trail of miracles testifies of existence of great authority,

                                                                    of control and of obedience,

                                                                    of instigation and of completion,

                                                                    of actions undertaken both in and outside the time frame of man.

The trail of miracles follows in the footsteps of The Lord,

                                  follows in the imprint of His presence,

                                  follows in the life and death of man,

                                  follows in the ministry of His servants,

                                  follows when conditions are fulfilled so nature shall comply.

The trail of miracles is not a broken trail,

                                  is not an intermittent intermission in a rhapsody,

                                  is not dependent on the stretching of the imagination,

                                  is not a foregone conclusion where candour is withheld,

                                  is not without the conversations seeking help,

                                  is not without the existence of love with sacrifice.

The trails of miracles have a constant source,

                                   emanate from the light,

                                   await the faith of man,

                                   await the sovereign acts of God.

The trails of miracles cover all the islands lands and continents,

                                   fall on all mankind,

                                   open all the eyes in wonder at that which they behold.

The trails of miracles are numerous and sanctified,

                                   are wondrous and auspicious,

                                   are surprising and amazing within the experience of man.

The trail of miracles is unexplainable by man when within his ignorance of God,

                                  is unbelievable by those with little faith,

                                  is denied by those who were not there,

                                  is explained away as wishful figments by the caustic and the sceptic.

The trail of miracles is real and verifiable in the lives of those affected,

                                  changes the way of the present from the way of the past,

                                  opens up a future filled with promise and with joy.

The trail of miracles is enlarged by thanksgiving,

                                  is magnified by thankful hearts,

                                  is honoured by recognition of their source.

The trail of miracles is the evidence of testimonies which cannot be refuted by the recipients at large,

                                                                                     by the recipients under the mantle,

                                                                                     by the recipients in need,

                                                                                     by the recipients who have a close relationship,

                                                                                     by the recipients of great faith.

The trails of miracles follow My servants led by My Spirit –

                                         as they speak for those they meet at the divine appointments:

                                                             where coincidence is not a factor considered by those present.

The trail of miracles does not end within the time of man,

                                  is the tracery of the love of God in action,

                                  is the confirmation of His being within the continuing existence of man.”


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