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The Transfer of Existence (6.12.12)

“The transfer of existence is complex and involved,

                                          is thorough and with a one-way ticket,

                                          is specific and encompassing so relativity is retained with backward compatibility of the mind of man.

The transfer of existence keeps the mind of man intact:

                                        enhances in renewal the mind of man with additional facilities,

                                        changes in renewal the perception of the body –

                                                   as it is modified to present to the present both the recognitions and the impressions of the past.

The transfer of existence is the updating of the body soul and spirit:

                                         in order to handle a fresh portfolio of attributes,

                                                                       a fresh portfolio of activities,

                                                                       a fresh portfolio of ‘whats’ and ‘whens’ and ‘hows’ and ‘whys’.

The ‘whys’ of the transfer of existence have bases on the moving of the bride of Christ into the permanence of the actuality
                        of His presence:

                                       has basis on the promise within the new covenant installed,

           has basis on the necessity to change the modes of operation of the body soul and spirit of man –

                                                                                             in the way he interacts with his environment in which he is about to dwell.

The ‘whys’ of the transfer of existence have bases on the need to move as man is about to outlive his sojourn in mortality:

                                                                                               has need to move to a much higher plane,

                                                                                               has need to move so he achieves the fullness of his intended being.

The ‘whys’ of the transfer of existence have bases on breaking the ties man has established in his rearing on the earth
                                                                                                                                                               of his mortality:

                                                                                                                                                               in his mortality,

                                                                                                                                                               throughout his mortality.

The ‘hows’ of the transfer of existence are by the spoken word of God:

                                                               is by the call to the bride,

                                                               is by the appearance of The Bridegroom,

                                                               is by the clouds of conquest,

                                                               is by Zion in its being,

                                                               is by My bride prepared.

The ’whens’ of the transfer of existence are in the final time frame of God for His bride:

                                                                 is when prophecy fulfils,

                                                                 is when grace departs,

                                                                 is when mercy is reborn,

                                                                 is when tribulation passes,

                                                                 is when the bride is ready,

                                                                 is when the multitudes are left without excuse.

The ’whats’ of the transfer of existence are the body soul and spirit of My bride-in-waiting:

                                                                is the mind in fullness with the character complete,

                                                                is the memory recalled in detail both before and after birth within mortality,

                                                                is the access to each gown of life,

                                                                is the presenting of each treasure as stored beyond the grave,

                                                                is the threading of relationships as inherited and created in the presence within mortality.

The transfer of existence leaves behind the man still rolling in his dirt and filth:

                                                                             still unreceiving of salvation,

                                                                             still unknown to redemption,

                                                                             still struggling to survive where mercy now prevails.

The transfer of existence of My bride is not drawn-out:

                                                             is completed within a breath of man,

                                                             is completed within the rising of a new dawn,

                                                             is completed in the will of God.

The transfer of existence transitions My bride into the existences of God:

                                         positions My bride in readiness for her taskings afresh,

                                         purposes My bride with her capabilities fitted for the renewal of surroundings –

                                                                                   wherein there is a dwelling-place prepared.”


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