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The Vagaries of Man (2) (31.7.15)

“The vagaries of man are dramatic in occurrence.

The vagaries of man can turn the heart of man inside out,

                                  can reverse a walk.

The vagaries of man can see new goals set before the eyes of man,

                                  can see fresh understanding change the objectives in life,

                                  can witness an experience which cannot be forsworn.

The vagaries of man can see a repeating trip around a mountain straightened out in progress,

                                  can seek new knowledge of a changed situation,

                                  can recognize what happened together with the ‘where’ and ‘when’.

The vagaries of man do not have to be the effects of dwelling in a drugdom;

                                  are more likely to be the the end result of a release from servitude,

                                                                                                     a release from addiction,

                                                                                                     a release from the goals of Satan,

                                                                                                     a release from generational curses,

                                                                    a release from the shameful and the secret with the flooding-in of the light.

The vagaries of man can turn and turn again,

                                  can wander wherever the eye alights,

                                  can stray within what ever course is tramped.

The vagaries of man can settle on a brand new course;

                                                       a course known only to the spirit as the soul is taught to follow;

                                                       a course well lit with guidance all the way.

The vagaries of man can settle on a whim,

                                  can settle on a sprout of faith,

                                  can settle with determination as understanding dawns as to the scope of faith.

The vagaries of man can settle on a growing faith –

                              which is capable of leading the spirit soul and body to be forever partners within The Bride of Christ.”

Scribal Note:

Refer ‘The Vagaries of Man’ received 6.58 – 7.05, 8.03 – 9.37am Thursday 12th May 2011 as in Bk 2, p276 “God Speaks in His Scrolls On The Website of The Lord”


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