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The Value of A Goal (13.5.15)

“The value of a goal can redirect a life.

The value of a goal can achieve a reward.

The value of a goal can benefit a family.

The value of a goal can be set within a time frame of existence,

                                can achieve a change in pace,

                                can dissipate the worries,

                                can circumvent a lifestyle with a drubbing,

                                can initiate a new beginning,

                                can leave the dregs within the past.

The value of a goal emerges slowly in the dawning,

                                              slowly upon reflection,

                                              slowly with a change in attitude,

                                              slowly as the scope and scale expand;

                                              accelerates with understanding,

                                              accelerates with realization of potential,

                                              accelerates as a change proceeds,

                                              accelerates as beliefs become adopted.

The value of a goal puts a target in the sight of man.

The value of a goal no longer squanders effort.

The value of a goal brings control to expenditure.

The value of a goal deletes the debt load of a soul.

The value of a goal can bring a surplus to the pot,

                                can place a cap of wisdom on a head,

                                can expand the expectations for a life.

The value of a goal can turn dependent lives around,

                                can create a new view of the possible,

                                can draw the potential to the fore.

The value of a goal can bring achievements not thought possible,

                                can soak the toughest until tender,

                                can harness the impulsive as the thoughtful,

                                can crack the veneer of harsh experiences,

                                can birth the love intended,

                                can speak of recommitment,

                                can show the trail of sorrows diminishing in retrospect,

                                can strengthen the intent while new concepts are developed.

The value of a goal enables seizure of an opportunity,

                                enables counsel that is wise,

                                enables progress of potential into the reality of attainment.

The value of a goal cannot be underestimated,

                                cannot be causes for regret,

                                cannot be the onset of a thunderstorm.

The value of a goal should be protected from those who would nibble at the edges,

                                                                from those with but a casual interest in the outcome,

                                                                from those with no vision in their lives,

                                                                from those within a household where negativity reigns,

                                                                from those who would gainsay the practicality of attainment,
                                                                from those without experience who are still to start upon the seeking of a summit of a


The value of a goal squares the shoulders and the step,

                                juts the jaw and sweeps aside,

                                fills the eyes with intent from the commitment of the soul.

The value of a goal can change the generations,

                                can seep into the crevices where previously unknown,

                                can infuse and inspire those it touches on the way to completion.

The value of a goal is the secret of the world changers,

                                    the passion of the freedom seekers,

                                    the lifeblood driving the livelihood of the stars.

The value of a goal cements a potential change in place,

                                separates those with - from those without,

                                puts a shoe upon a foot in readiness for a journey to success,

                                                                                          for the birth of an entrepreneur who sees an open door,

                                                                                          for the new positioning of a self-employed,

                                                                                          for the birthing of an idea whose time has come,

                                                                                          for a concept installed by the mindset of improvement.

The value of a goal can introduce a walk in wonder,

                                can bring undreamt rewards,

                                can fashion an empire in the making,

                                can create a union in partnership with God.

The value of a goal is the starting place from where dreams become reality,

                                                                from where the potential hidden in the past has the prospect of flowering within the future,

                                                                from where the handiwork of God achieves all which is intended to fill the beauty of the


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