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The Victory of My Kingdom (22.5.15)

“The building of My kingdom is in My care and supervision.

The servicing of My kingdom is in the entrusted care of My servants both by attention and by reputation.

The Victory of My Kingdom has already been locked-in:

                                                awaits the stragglers and the uncertain,

                                                awaits the distant and the tainted,

                                                awaits the circumspect and the rational.

The victory of My Kingdom is still in its immaturity,

                                               has leadership presently by proxy,

                                               has the stepping stones of faith,

                                               has the record of the witnesses,

                                               has the sacrifice of the saints,

                                               has the death of martyrs in commitment to the truth.

The victory of My Kingdom awaiting augmentation now lies before the eyes of man:

                                                                                               of My journeying within The Father’s will.

The victory of My Kingdom has desaturated evil,

                                               has not brought desecration of the worthy and the Godly,

                                               has brought the truth to man secured by the field of righteousness.

The victory of My Kingdom can be witnessed in the practical,

                                               can be witnessed in the life of man,

                                               can be witnessed in the commitment of My saints,

                                               can be witnessed in the benefitting of man.

The victory of My Kingdom can be evidenced by the lies which are withering before the shield of truth,

                                               can be evidenced by the expanding field of miracles –

                                                                                       both numerous and without compare,

                                               can be evidenced by the growing landscape of the wonders presented for the eyes of man,

                                               can be evidenced by the impressions of the works of My servants –

                                                                                 who bring glory both to Me and to The Father in the honouring of My name.

The victory of My Kingdom is assured and safe,

                                            is complete in all but the end-time necessities which take precedence over My return,

                                         is the fulfilment of the works of God in overcoming the initial browsing of Satan in the garden of God.

The victory of My Kingdom ensures My kingdom’s governance in righteousness by those entrusted with authority,

                                                     My kingdom’s governance in peace as righteousness arrives to share in the decrees,

                                              My kingdom’s governance along the pathway of the testing of man in his would-be following of evil.

The victory of My Kingdom awaits all who would apply for citizenship in My present kingdom of the conjoined bodies souls
                                                                                                                                                                                              and spirits,

                                                          all who desire to grow,

                                                                                  to develop –

                                                                          in all My kingdom offers,

                                                                          in all My kingdom encourages,

                                                                          in all My kingdom teaches,

                                                                          in all My kingdom holds within a proprietary line of promises as fitted for eternity.

The victory of My Kingdom settles and foreshadows,

                                               knows the turbulence approaching,

                                               knows refuges are very scarce upon the ground,

                                               knows caves are of very little use.

The victory of My Kingdom sees past the eyes of man focussed on horizons,

                                            sees past the present knowledge of man of landscapes still to be explored,

                                         sees past the wisdom of man in his preparing for the run-up to a change of patterning in the life of man.

The victory of My Kingdom should no longer be a mystery of God,

                                               has been declared and sourced,

                                               has been proclaimed and resourced,

                                               has been delivered for recording in the tableaux of man.

The victory of My Kingdom is about to change the perceptions of My youths in service,

                                                                                               of My youths in this current generation,

                                                                                        of My youths who in their wisdom know to dwell within the Godly truths.

The victory of My Kingdom seeds the confluence of the rivers:

                                                                                 of ‘living water’ in mortality,

                                                                                 of ‘life’ within eternity –

                                                                                                       whose bank whereon is placed the tree of life.

The victory of My Kingdom has not been lightly attained,

                                               has stained the clouds of glory with the sacrificial hearts of man,

                                               has lifted up to glory all those who bowed the knee,

                                               has seen kindled the flame of My Spirit in readiness for the attending to man.

The victory of My Kingdom introduces the offering of assimilation with neither pain nor penalty,

                                                                the offering of new concepts based on the truth inherent in the disclosures,

                                                                the offering of kingdom citizenship whose ‘type’ has never before been experienced –

                                                                                                                 as justice now holds the hands of truth and righteousness.”



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