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The Visitor from Afar (2) (25.5.15)

“The visitor from afar speaks of his vision trouncing Satan,

                                                of his vision for the young of heart of soul of spirit,

                                                of his vision within the tasking of The  Lord in this end-time season of the harvest –

                        where the presently lost souls have their spirits sorely at risk if found within the dawning of the destiny of default

The visitor from afar validates the worthiness of expenditure,

                                   validates the provisioning of The Lord,

                                   validates the call to the youth among the distant islands of the sea,

                                                               to the lambs of earnestness within the flock of God,

                                                               to the young people awaiting an introduction to their God-in-waiting.

The visitor from afar knows where he is going,

                                   understands his tasking before The Lord,

                                   shares in openness of conviction,

                                   departs with a skip within his step, 

                                   looks forward to his journeying within the handclasp of The Lord.

The visitor from afar raises an army reliable in intent;

                                   raises an army committed and excited as The Spirit leads;

                                   raises an army motivated to go and do as proxies for The Lord;

                                   raises an army testifying of miracles,

                                                                           of  signs,

                                                                           of wonders –

                                                      as healings validate My servants with the declarations which are brief and to the point;

                                   raises an army from which the living water flows;

                                   raises an army that knows how to quench the thirst so the thirsty will not thirst again;

                                   raises an army which marches on its faith throughout the land –

                                                      as the temples of The Lord remain the close companions of The Loving Living God.

The visitor from afar carries gratitude with surprise in encountering the activities of God;

                                   is overcome when the spillways of the eyes see firsthand how the keys of the kingdom open doors,

                                                                                                    as the gifts of the Spirit become both active and accurate;

                               where the waters of immersion part to reveal new temples birthed of God with the tongues in place,

                               where My servants know the counselling where these are honoured as the promise of The Father*

                                                                                                                        so heard before the ears of both man and God.

The visitor from afar checks the entry of the new born lambs into the reality of their new found God of all creation –

                                                                                               as they experience the gift of tongues issuing from their lips.”


Scribal Note: 

* Joel 2:28-30


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