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The Vitamins of Life (16.7.15)

“The vitamins of life have no shortage in the body unless the diet is distorted,

                                                                                                          is restricted,

                                                                                                          has items eaten in excess.

The vitamins of life are so named by man,

                                 are the external stimulants which promote the body’s functioning as intended,

                                 are the external stimulants which should be ingested with the meals of man:

                                                                                   that sunshine may produce,

                                                                                   that water may dissolve,

                                                                                   that salts of the chemistry within man may proceed unto completion.

The vitamins of life are neither scarce nor difficult to obtain.

The vitamins of life satisfy the animals the birds the fish,

                                 satisfy the microbes and the giants,

                                 satisfy the particular and the gluttons,

                                 satisfy the scavengers and the predators.

The vitamins of life should not be missing from the diet of man,

                                should not be missing unless man dwells within a place of sickness,

                                                                                                   within a place designed for a specific type of life –

                                                                                                            within which other forms are seen as intruders –

                                                                                                                                                  with encouragement to move.

The vitamins of life should not be sorted on a plate,

                                 should not be taken in excess,

                                 should not be allowed to play among the soup of chemicals as measured from within.

The vitamins of life are not the villains of a scenario as dreamt up by man,

                                 are not as magic potions which can cure the healthiness of man.

The vitamins of life are there in the foods of man sufficient for his health,

                                                                                sufficient for his well-being,

                                                                                sufficient for his days of fast,

                                                                                sufficient for the days of abstinence.

The vitamins of life are not designed for use in an excess of requirements,

                                 are not attached and added to a storehouse,

                                 are not charged to enhance where ‘more’ is seen as ‘better’.

The vitamins of life are accurately measured and quantified for uptake,

                                 are accurately used completely as required,

                                 are accurately supplied for the normal functioning of the body.

The vitamins of life are not segmented and isolated in awaiting for a call to use,

                                 are available everywhere within the transportation of the blood,

                                 are available within the storage already allocated –

                                                                  without confusion brought by excess or a scavenging brought by lack.

The vitamins of life are a credit brought within the chemistry of man,

                                 have a place where caution should dictate their use,

                                                     where doses should be guarded and extremely small,

                                 are wasted when the surplus is excreted,

                                 are dangerous when a surplus does more than is intended.

The vitamins of life should not be treated as a panacea for that which is not understood,

                                                                                        for that which is imagined,

                                                                                        for that which lies within the land of make-believe.

The vitamins of life are not intended to be so taken by man.

The vitamins of life are necessary when embarking –

                                                                    on a trip beyond the bounds of earth,

                                                               in a space station established in the death zones of man,

                                                         on a voyage of discovery where food is packaged and so measured to keep and keep and keep.

The vitamins of life are not the safe-guarders of the building-blocks of man –

                                                                                         when they are known to be withdrawn:

                                                                                                                 when shortages are created,

                                                                                                                 when withdrawal effects are displayed,

                                                                                                                 when withdrawal symptoms are discerned.

The vitamins of life need to be replenished when a shortage is encountered,

                                                                      when a shortage is likely,

                                                                      when a shortage is forecast by the knowledge base of man.

The vitamins of life should not be dished up as a catch-all,

                                 should be separated as to function,

                                 should be taken with precision,

                                 should be limited as to time and frequency and date.

The vitamins of life do not behave as expected when taken in excess,

                                 do not link value with the cost.

The vitamins of life do link the age of preparation with the vitality of existence,

                                do link knowledge of the existence to wisdom in the use.

The vitamins of life are an adjunct to the welfare of man in a time of dietary deprivation,

                                                                                            in a time when fresh food is unavailable to place upon a table,

                                                                                            in a time when starvation is lurking round a corner.

The vitamins of life are the chains upholding life in all its forms;

                                 exist within the grand design of God,

                                 present as a need only when supply is being threatened over time.”


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