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The Waterfalls of Life (14.9.14)

“The waterfalls of life speed one on a journey.

The waterfalls of life are not to be jumped over:

                                   carry no warranty as to safety within mortality,

                                   carry no warranty that the landing will be free from rocks,

                                   carry no warranty that the water will have sufficient depth,

                                   carry no warranty that the glove of man will not be impaired.

The waterfalls of life are to be negotiated with care,

                                   are to be treated with respect,

                                   are to be regarded from the distance,

                                   are to be gauged for size and safety within the environment of man.

The waterfalls of death have a voice each of their own,

                                      carry the mists of spray in whispers,

                                      carry the tumult filled with business,

                                      carry the rivulets on the sides,

                                      carry the rushing to the depths where the power is most awesome,

                                      carry the flow of mighty rivers over drops best viewed from safety –

                                                              when the roar of energy released impacts on the ears as thunder un-contained.

The waterfalls of life can be trickles of delight,

                                   can be played under in a stream,

                                   can be played with upon a slide,

                                   can be played beside with supervision,

                                   can be played in with sticks set up for a race –

                                                                                         where the height brings no concern.

The waterfalls of life uplift the spirit,

                                   do not churn the soul.

The waterfalls of life bring new life to the barren,

                                   do not destroy the verdant.

The waterfalls of life spill the waters of life,

                                   do not flood the well-spring.

The waterfalls of life quench the thirst of all within the reach,

                                   do not withhold the water in the presence of the parched.

The waterfalls of life are surrounded by life in abundance,

                                   display echoes from a past born of turbulence,

                                   gather and shepherd its water into flowing streams,

                                   display the cleanliness and purity from which many wish to drink,

                                   share the volumes surrendered from the leaking earth into a channel creating wonder and delight,

                                   participate in bringing life unto the frozen and the baked,

                                                                              unto the selfish and the sharing,

                                                                              unto the fishes and the birds,

                                                                              unto the creepers and the crawlers,

                                                                              unto the furry and the claws,

                                                                              unto the teeth and the armoured:

                                                                                                         who go their separate ways or best gather for security.

The waterfalls of life do not float sickness to partakers of their bounty;

                                   do neither poison nor invalidate the functioning of life;

                                   do neither threaten nor withhold a promise for the future:

                                                                 nor even so an expectation in the present.

The waterfalls of life have voices which can be heard above the clamour,

                                            voices with telltale messages destined as to purpose,

                    destined for those waiting at the edges wherein flows the water coursing with new life,

                                                                                               coursing with the cure for an overwhelming thirst,

                                                                 coursing across a landscape in reaching those at hand,

                                                                                                               in reaching those at distance,

                                                                                                               in reaching those who would so hear,

                                                                                                               in reaching those too busy as they turn to leave.

The waterfalls of life look down upon their streams of life –

                                                                               in carrying the waters of life –

                                                                 breaking into ribbons of life which glisten in the son-light,

                                                                                                                         as they establish across the lands of life –

                                                                               with a message born of water from a being of the heavens –

                                                                                                                              being born as man upon the earth –

                                                                                                                                                     with the gift of life.

The waterfalls of life are readied to immerse,

                                   are readied to flush and cleanse,

                                   are readied to testify of progress and of current status.

The waterfalls of life are significant and should be understood,

                                   are important and are waiting for participants,

                                   are called by name to stand fast to proclaim –

                                               all that which makes the message unique and worth the journey:

                                                            where attentive ears and eyes can hear and see and drink of the water bringing life:

                                                                                  that they may not thirst again for the gift of life bestowed –

                                                                                                                                                         as the living water flows.

The waterfalls of life exist and are well-spaced,

                                   are informed and stationed for ready access:

                                   are the sacred among the secular;

                                   are the temples of the Living God among the housing of the thirsty;

                                   are the temples bringing grace unto the unforgiven;

                                   are the temples breaking the curses of idolatry –

                                                          handed down as an inheritance through the generations of the past into the present;

                                   are the temples declaring healing to the sick and maimed –

                                                                                          as they have been instructed under authority and power.”


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