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The Well of Life (15.9.14)

“The well of life is not for peering in with a downcast head.

The well of life rises to bubble over with joy and thanksgiving,

                                                                             where bubbles are rewarded and may grow alone in splendour,

                                                                             where bubbles seek companionship and may cling together.

The well of life frequents the homes of man,

                                                                 where bubbles are most welcome,

                                                                 where bubbles are appreciated,

                                                                 where bubbles are allowed to grow and to mature until at last they ‘pop’.

The well of life is full of bubbles awaiting their release,

                                    of bubbles welling up,

                                    of bubbles floating free,

                                    of bubbles expanding from their small beginnings into bubbles of great beauty –

                                                                                       into bubbles with the sheen and delicacy of fragility at birth.

The well of life functions for a season,

                          functions without priming,

                          functions for the benefit of the marriage bed,

                          functions to set the bubbles free so to soar in majesty and grace.

The well of life holds the building blocks of life,

                          holds the circumstances set for life,

                          holds the expectations arising from the marriage bed,

                          holds the secrets to the growth of a family,

                          holds the love and tenderness ready to break forth.

The well of life does not mask a mystery,

                          does not condone tinkering,

                          does not approve selection for conforming to a style.

The well of life awaits the signs of gratitude within two faith-filled hearts,

                          awaits the smiles and gifts due a new creation of a glove of life;

                          awaits a new creation complete with spirit and with soul;

                          awaits a new creation charged with the developing of the character;

                          awaits a new creation deserving of the guidance within a walk of righteousness;

                          awaits a new creation who will commence the journey home;

                          awaits a new creation with the prospect of conversion to a temple with extended life.

The well of life blends the attributes of a man and woman within the bonds of marriage:

                                                                      bound by commitment to association with subordination of the will.

The well of life has a long history of success:

                          should not meet with pollution while still attending to development;

                          should not mess with the stream of nutrients destined for the fruit;

                          should not supply that which muddies up the purity and puts a stumbling block in place,

                                                       that which denigrates the functioning as it clouds a sunny day,

                                                       that which is seen as ‘foreign’ and interferes with processes,

                                                       that which has the innate ability to dictate storm clouds for the future.

The well of life is versatile and reliable,

                          has a time frame of acceptance,

                          is designed to carry honour,

                          is designed to fulfil a yearning,

                          is designed to satisfy desire,

                          is designed to bring security while the need exists,

                          is designed to satisfy the quest for life where lust is not apparent.

The well of life formulates a home,

                          formulates stability,

                          formulates the life needs of the young as they are encountered,

                          formulates the growth in parenting as experience is sourced,

                          formulates the expectation of grand-parenting in due time.

The well of life is there to place branches on a tree to mark where the bubbles linger,

                                      to await the time of blossoming,

                                      to expect the visiting and affirmation of the fruit,

                                      to support the behaviour which does not call for a rebuke.

The well of life releases yet does not splice,

                          holds yet does not store,

                          affirms yet does not count,

                          completes yet does not boast.

The well of life is widespread and attentive,

                          is creative and responsive,

                          is hidden yet available.

The well of life protects the onward generations,

                          shields the traits of yesterday,

                          prevents excessive clones,

                          remembers the variations due to be represented –

                                                         as each bubble surfaces for its time within the sunlight.”


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