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The Wellspring of Life (29.7.15)

“The wellspring of life is set and established within the confines of creation.

The wellspring of life is the fountainhead through which all life has passed:

                                                      in such a vast array,

                                                      in such a multiplicity of designs,

                                                      in such enormous numbers of specificity,

                                                                                                  of replications,

                                                                                                  of additions,

                                                                                                  of superimpositions,

                                                                                                  of scope,

                                                                                                  of range,

                                                                                                  of poise,

                                                                                                  of movement,

                                                                                                  of environments,

                                                                                                  of implications,

                                                                                                  of replications,

                                                                                                  of reproduction,

                                                                                                  of voice and of appearance,

                                                                                                  of teeth and of temperament,

                                                                                                  of fear and of boldness,

                                                                                                  as predator and as prey:

                  the factors as so intense and accurate the mind of man can scarcely identify and be sure of the totals that:

                                                                                                                                                   none have been overlooked;

                                                                                                                                            despite ramifications abounding;

                                                                                                                    with each decision of and on a species;

                                   and how the interaction has overall compliance assured within the environments of placement.

The wellspring of life would fill the libraries of man when to the written standard of design.

The wellspring of life would keep the computers of man churning with a specific question involving interpolation.

The wellspring of life knows all facets of life upon the earth –

                                                                                        the extinct –

                                                                                        the present –

                                                                                        and that which lies within the future of man:

                                                                                                                                                     what was,

                                                                                                                                                     what is,

                                                                                                                                                     and what is yet to be.

The wellspring of life has a history of grandeur,

                                    has a history far beyond the recorded mortality of man,

                                    has a history so vast it is stored within eternity.

The wellspring of life accounts for all the spirits of man –

                                                                               as seen within the past,

                                                                               as seen within the present,

                                                                               to be seen as those yet to make an appearance –

                                                                                                         into the infancy of man in his mortality.

The wellspring of life is running as an hourglass of attribution as it counts down on the lifeline timed and tied to a mortal species.

The wellspring of life does not crash and burn,

                                    does not destroy and weep,

                                    does not override the effect of one species on another.

The wellspring of life has a schedule of display,

                                    has a schedule reporting interactions,

                                    has a schedule reporting out-turns as life struggles to survive the day of man.

The wellspring of life can be vulnerable when attrition strikes:

                                                                       can threaten longevity of the species,

                                                                       can cause dependent species also to collapse,

                                                                       can cause a chain reaction of disasters until an equilibrium is re-established.

The wellspring of life has no bodies of the flesh dwelling within eternity,

                                    has no food to pass across such lips,

                                    has no senses which operate according to the flesh.

The wellspring of life within eternity is much faster in response,

                                                            is much faster in the sensing,

                                                            is much faster in the travelling,

                                                            is much faster in appraising.

The wellspring of life speaks of being an abundant source,

                                    knows the living areas of the insects,

                                                                         of the animals,

                                                                         of the birds,

                                                                         of the water-bound,

                                                                         of the earth-bound now at peace.

The wellspring of life knows the sound of trickling water running free within a creek,

                                    knows the sound of the dawn chorus from the songsters all at hand,

                                    knows the sound of wind sighing in the trees with the wending of its way,

                                    knows the sound of wavelets plashing on the beach in repetition,

                                    knows the sound of giggling children busy in their play.

The wellspring of life does not forsake the memories of man,

                                    does not dismiss that to which there is an attachment of fulfilment,

                                    does not succumb to harshness of decisions which would flood the eyes with tears.

The wellspring of life has merriment with joy and laughter,

                                    has happiness with tranquility and peace,

                                    has achievement with activity and effort.

The wellspring of life has companions who clap and do not scold,

                                                                      bless and do not curse,

                                                                      love and do not hate,

                                                                      elevate and do not lower,

                                                                      admire and do not envy,

                                                                      speak and do not interrupt.

The wellspring of life invites inspection of its operation across the fields of time,

                                                                                           where time has little meaning or of relevance:

                                                                                                                                  except for a date stamp on a hand,

                                                                                                            and a vista to be studied with intent to take it in.”


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