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The White Stone of Life (6.9.14)

“The white stone of life is the gift of God.

The white stone of life is the passport for the stars,

     is the new name bequeathed at the generation of each spirit,

     is the declaration affirming completion back into the family of God.

The white stone of life declares the new name which empowers the spirit as never before,

          which makes known the name awaited by the angels,

          which makes known the access to the heavens,

          which makes known the tongues of heaven,

          which makes known the transmissions of man within eternity,

          which makes known the foregone memories of man,

          which makes known the will and majesty of God in His dominion.

 The white stone of life is the all encompassing activator of life within eternity.

The white stone of life carries the password of qualification,

     carries the password issued by The Spirit,

     carries the password recognized by God,

     carries the password accepted by the angels and all who dwell within the heavens –

     all present at the beginning,

     all present under progression,

     all present by acceptance,

     all present by their fruit,

     all present by assimilation,

     all present birthed of marriage,

     all present by decrees of angels;

     all present by the Cross,

     all present by commitment,

     all present by a vision,

     all present through a dream,

     all present as the martyrs,

     all present borne by grace,

     all present by appeal to the mercy seat.

The white stone of life has no cause to look for sin,

     has no cause ever to rebuke unless in the presence of an edict,

     has no cause to monitor the behaviour of the gathered,

           the behaviour of the bride,

           the behaviour of the kings and queens as they rule and reign.

The white stone of life permits passage upon command,

     permits travels of discovery,

     permits gatherings within the will of God,

     permits gatherings within a circling of friends,

              of acquaintances,

              of relatives back to the beginning,

              of those accustomed to the law,

              of those who grew up under grace,

              of those who pleaded mercy.

The white stone of life is the key unto the heavens.

The white stone of life is not the key to hell.

The white stone of life holds the wealth of life which made it past the refiner’s fire.

The white stone of life gives access to the storehouse –

that which holds the tribute and the treasures accumulated in an earlier life – 

                                          of the owner of the embedded name.

The white stone of life has security of tenure,

     can neither be lost nor mislaid,

     can neither wear-out nor be dated,

     can neither be swopped nor traded.

The white stone of life seconds the actions of God,

     seconds the invitations of the angels,

     seconds the authority of The Throne-room of God.

The white stone of life becomes a familiar companion,

     lasts throughout eternity without a redefinition,

           without encroaching on another’s interests,

           without bringing delay or hindrance to the owner of the name.

The white stone of life breaks the time sphere of man.

The white stone of life initiates a new beginning,

      initiates the transfer of existence,

      initiates the transition of the body soul and spirit,

                  as held in waiting for the presence of The Stars of God.”


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