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The Whitewashing of Sin (30.5.15)

“The whitewashing of sin does not hide that which is known to God.

The whitewashing of sin does not disguise the origin,

                                        does not disguise its presence,

                                        does not disguise its effect.

The whitewashing of sin is a waste of effort in the sight of God.

The whitewashing of sin is as frost upon the ground,

                                        is but a covering lasting until the Son’s rise on the earth.

The whitewashing of sin knows a fall of snow,

                                        knows the hidden and the shameful,

                                        knows the time of melting declares the penance of the soul.

The whitewashing of sin does not erase the graffiti written on the heart,

                                        does not smother the content with the coats applied,

                                        does not meet the standards for removal.

The whitewashing of sin achieves nothing but the deception of man,

                                        achieves nothing but a false feeling of success,

                                        achieves nothing but to indicate the sin is well embedded,

                                                                    but to confirm the sin is sought and loved,

                                                                    but to declare the sin is un-surrendered with its survival intact within the freewill of

The whitewashing of sin is not a recommended way to purity of presentation,

                                        is not a viable way of preparing for a temple,

                                        is not a plausible way for a walk within discipleship,

                                        is not a successful way of being welcomed on a foreign shore.

The whitewashing of sin is invidious in its concept,

                                        is deceitful in its application,

                                        is a nonsense in reality,

                                        is satanic in its invitation,

                                        is for the sinners and the irreverent,

                                        is for the dressers-up as they present at the courts of man.

The whitewashing of sin is a synopsis of the popular,

                                        is employed by the lazy and the uncommitted,

                                        is employed by the seekers of high office –

                                                                                            in the papering-over of the endeavours which shout their immorality.

The whitewashing of sin sees the sins being gathered in burdening the back of man,

                                                              being trudged with the stooping of the back,

                                                              being the root cause of freewill recording unacceptability to God.

The whitewashing of sin does not remove the sin,

                                                                  leaves it for redisplay as the rains do fall,

                                                                                                      as the rains remove the covering thought to be effective.

The whitewashing of sin neither calls on grace,

                                              nor qualifies for mercy.

The whitewashing of sin qualifies for membership in a fool’s paradise of self-deception,

                                                                                  in a fool’s paradise of hypocrisy,

                                                                                  in a fool’s paradise of self-aggrandizement,

                                                                                  in a fool’s paradise of a goat among the sheep.

The whitewashing of sin is very popular among the ’would-be’,

                                        is the would-be qualifier for intrusion into life within My church,

                                        is the appeasement of the spirit in the silencing of the soul,

                                        is the confronter of the truth,

                                        is the confronter of the lies,

                                        is the confronter of un-righteousness borne before the altar of The Living Christ.

The whitewashing of sin is a charlatan in the making,

                                        is the reserving of a place in hell,

                                        is the centre attracting attention for a nest of satan.

The whitewashing of sin is serious and detrimental,

                                        determines a destiny remaining on default,

                                        witnesses an infectious belief-structure of a rotten apple in a barrel.

The whitewashing of sin needs to be scrubbed and cleansed,

                                        needs to be stripped and removed,

                                        needs to know repentance with the onset of grace.

The whitewashing of sin needs to be no more,

                                        needs to be confronted,

                                        needs to be excised from where it has made its home,

                                                                        from where the invitation was extended,

                                                                        from where the portals were left open,

                                                                        from where the pleasures were received,

                                                                        from where the habits took a hold,

                                                                        from where the son-light must be allowed to enter with a new beginning.

The whitewashing of sin can end up cracked and peeling,

                                        can end up faded and obliterated,

                                        can end up with the cravings all removed –

                                                                    as grace fulfils the functioning of bringing a new horizon with surroundings,

                                                                    as a new day dawns with the Son-rise birthing of God.”


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