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The Worldliness of Man (23.5.15)

“The worldliness of man speaks of his comfort in the flesh.

The worldliness of man speaks of his absence from the sacred.

The worldliness of man speaks of his ignorance of the achievements of The God of all creation.

The worldliness of man suffers the subservience of man,

                                       seeks the subservience of man,

                                       rewards the subservience of man.

The worldliness of man is concerned with a humdrum existence,

                                       is concerned with the regular and the predictable,

                                       is concerned with travelling to and fro,

                                       is concerned with constancy and repetitiveness,

                                       is concerned with all the tasks of life support.

The worldliness of man excludes the excitement of potential compounded by the possibilities,

                                       excludes variety worthy of inspection,

                                       overlooks the obstinate and the unruly with different ways of thinking,

                                                                                                      with different goals in mind,

                                                                                                      with different lifestyles in the making.

The worldliness of man breeds the hesitant and the cautious,

                                                  the faithless and the doubters,

                                                  the sceptical and the fixated. 

The worldliness of man leaves the explorers stuck at home within their chairs,

                                       leaves the would-be entrepreneurs still ‘looking’ without grasping,

                                       leaves the workers dissatisfied but not motivated sufficiently to change,

                                       leaves the imprint of procrastination on all which is seen and done.

The worldliness of man changes when man becomes ‘fed-up’ and commences searching for a better way,

                                                     when exasperation breaks free and speaks to the heart and soul,
                                                     when something ‘clicks’ within the spirit and eyes are opened to the hope and expectation

                                                                                                                                                     aroused within a new beginning.

The worldliness of man is ‘put to bed’ as the spirit and the soul begin to soar,

                                                              as the body is re-energized,

                                                              as the outlook is suddenly rosy and inspired,

                                                              as the future becomes filled with self-belief,

                                                              as the heart begins to pump and the eyes to gleam.

The worldliness of man can escape from the chains:

                                                                       from all which holds man back,

                                                                       from all which stops man moving forward,

                                                                       from all the attention-giving to the idols,

                                                                       from all the difficulties associated with man’s welfare,

                                                                       from all the built-in potential waiting to be released,

                                                                       from all the arguments arising from the status quo.

The worldliness of man should be cast upon the bonfire of the past,

                                       should be left to consume everything not worth the keeping:

                                                                                 everything riddled by the moths and weevils,

                                                                                 everything broken yet not scheduled for repair,
                                             everything determined as no longer fit to carry out the purpose but not set to

                                                                                                                                                                                          be replaced,

                                                                                 everything which is recognized to have passed its ‘use-by’ date,

                                                                                 everything which is seen as having served its specific purpose –

                                                       all being kept as the clutter of a life forms the burden which is trailed along behind –

                                                                                                                                 as such becomes the enemy of progress.

The worldliness of man should be exchanged for the sanctity of man which speaks of a higher plane,

                                                                                                               which is readily attainable,

                                                                                                                          has stepping stones in place,

                                   has help awaiting for both the left hand and the right,

                                   can learn of many items which can set a fresh goal within the spirit and the soul –

                                                a new destiny brought to the fore,

                                                               which fits into a crowded life without the crushing of that already valued highly –

           with a prospect of commitment,

           with the promise which assuredly has the ability to lead the body soul and spirit into an eternity of welcomeness –

                                                                                                                       where the adopted will be found to be at home.

The worldliness of man should be voided in exchange,

                                       should be voided with the severing of the ties binding to the habits of the past,

                                       should be voided in readiness to be discarded as the rubbish being carried –

                                                                                                                                              to only God knows where,

                                       should be voided for replacement by a new foundation establishing on trust:

                                       should be voided in making room for the building block of truth,

                                       should be voided so both righteousness and justice may balance the scales of life –

                                                                                                  as peace consolidates a victory within the bounds of love.


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