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Achieving of My Garden (20.3.16)

“Achieving of My garden can be the fulfilment of a dream.

Achieving of My garden can be the guiding light within a life within mortality,

                                         can be the motivation which dwells within a heart,

                                         can be the motivation for a family at large.

Achieving of My garden sees the spirit and the soul,

                                                    united with the body,

                                            being honoured for the destiny as sought.

Achieving of My garden sees the wonderland as opened for inspection,

                                                                              opened with a dwelling place apportioned,

                                                                              opened with the fullness of relationships and friendships,

                                                                              opened upon promises oft times repeated,

                                                                              opened with the gates of heaven spreadeagled wide and inviting,

                                                                              opened at the ending of mortality for all who placed their faith in The Son-rise
                                                                                                                                                                                          of the Son.

Achieving of My garden is the destiny of choice within the fields of discipleship,

                                         is the destiny within the fellowship of God,

                                         is the destiny with adoption into the family of God,

                                         is the destiny preferred for man to seek within his existence in eternity.

Achieving of My garden should not produce a heartfelt sigh,

                                         should not produce a sense of relaxation,

                                         should not produce a sense that discipleship has ended.

Achieving of My garden opens new beginnings,

                                         opens different ways of living,

                                                    different ways of addressing the familiar challenges of yesteryear,

                                                    different ways and means to be applied with understanding to the ways and means of God.

Achieving of My garden is not a lifestyle in the making,

                                 is a lifestyle of presentation readied for adoption.                

Achieving of My garden is not dependent on a culture being carried forward,

                                         has the culture already instated so to impact on the entrants to My garden.

Achieving of My garden incurs an orientation to be successfully concluded,

                                                                          where failures have already been prevented by exclusion,

                                                                          where qualifying failed to gain an escape pass through the flames,

                                                                          where there could not be surmounted the hurdles born of dissatisfaction—

                                                                                                                        in the presence of a heart unknown to contrition.

Achieving of My garden reflects the success of righteousness with faith,

                                                                        of truth bound up with love,

                                                                        of sincerity within the fear of God,

                                                                        of intent surrounded by commitment in the heart where gratitude prevails.

Achieving of My garden is as a lightning bolt to the spirit soul and body as they awaken from their sleep,

                                                                                                                     as they step up to all which rests in storage,

                                                                                                                     as they prepare to receive the fullness of their
                                                                                                                              inheritance just waiting for the here and now.

Achieving of My garden is not a let-down to expectations,

                                         is not a frown of disappointment,

                                         is not a scowl with understanding,

                                         is not a dismissal without approval.

Achieving of My garden is as the epitome of the offering of God,

                                         is as the rewarding of the being of a true and faithful servant,

                                         is as the treasure stored in Heaven awaiting a release.”


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