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I, The Lord Jesus (3) (15.5.16)


    The Lord Jesus,

          would speak this day to all who would dwell within My garden.


    The Lord Jesus,

          would encourage all to learn and understand the pre-requisites of entry,

                                                                                  the pre-requisites of citizenship,

                                                                                  the pre-requisites of adoption by The Father,

                                                                                  the pre-requisites of guidance and of counselling by My Spirit.

    For these are the days of the preparation of My bride,

           these are the days approaching the tribulation of The Earth,

           these are the days just prior to My return,

           these are the days when My prophets find their voices,

           these are the days when the witnesses visit Heaven and return to testify of all which they have learnt.

    For these are the days when The Earth does tremble;

           these are the days when the shores of man are washed by the seas of God;

           these are the days when the stripping of The Earth by man brings the torrents with the mud slides—

                                                                                                                                         which inundate the mistakes of man;

           these are the days when mayhem expands its reach,

                                         when misery approaches the woebegone,

                                         when life is threatened by the miscreants,

                                         when pillaging follows in the wake of destruction,

                                         when victims are molested by the sons of Satan,

                                         when the times of lightning and of thunder cause all to run to shelter from the storms.

    For these are the days when life will be held in low esteem,

                                        when plunder and robbery are the seizers of both the day and night,

                                        when despair and mourning fill the eyes,

                                                                                           the ears,

                                                                                           the faces of The Lost and The Unforgiving,

                                         when the child is separated from a parent,

                                         when a marriage and a family are beset by fear,

                                         when a home is razed to the ground,

                                         when survivors stumble on their way in attempts to flee what follows in their tracks.


    The Lord Jesus,

          cry out to The Lost:

                      to put each house in order;

                      to prepare to overcome;

                      to store in safety that which will be needed in a maelstrom of iniquity;

                                                  that which will be unavailable to purchase with the monies born of man;

                      to acquire the gold of God;

                      to acquire value which will last,

                                                 which will not fade away with the coming of the dawn,

                                                 which will bring penury when inflation becomes a curse.


    The Lord Jesus,

          call out to My People,

                      The Makeup of My Bride,

                      The Gathered of The Cross,

                      The Recognisers of The Messiah,

                      The Lovers of The Father,

                      The Saved and The Committed of God—

                                                                   so these may focus on survival,

                                                                                 may focus on the will of God,

                                                                                 may hark to—

                                                                   so to hear and follow— 

                                                                                 the counselling of God.

          My People,

                     shift and move from your homes on the floodplains of the rivers,

                     shift from the homes within the reach of the seas which come to wash and launder,

                     shift out of reach from the down-side of the candles of The Lord,

                     shift from where the tremblings of the earth are likely to be evident.

          My People,

                     shift from the buildings of man reaching to the skies,

                     shift from the homes built in the shadows of the buildings reaching to the skies—

                                                                                                          which will need a place to fall,

                     shift from the surroundings where bush and brush fires can rampage—

                                                                                                          in seeking the proximity of fuel.

          My People,

                     remove yourselves from slopes where rock falls and avalanches can sweep all before them,

                     remove yourselves from homes upon the cliff edges—

                                                                            with a precipice at hand,

                     remove yourselves from viewing positions—

                                                                           selected for the eyes—

                                                                                     which may be the cause of untimely death.

          My People,

                     do not dwell where access can be easily denied,

                                          where threats to life are evident,

                                          where  injury is possible,

                                          where shortages can accrue,

                                          where household services may be broken for an extended time. 

          My People,

                     do not dwell without protection from the wind shear,

                                                                                 the whirlwind,

                                                                                 the cyclone,

                                                                        which will carve a home to pieces,

                                                                        which will scatter and destroy;

                     select your homes for this their time of safety—

                                                                         as your sanctuaries of shelter— 

                     for in these times those with wisdom will seek the assent of My Spirit—

                                                                                                     in all they decide to do.


    The Lord Jesus,

          reach out to My People so they may be prepared:

                     for the storms about to assail the homes of man
                                                                 who have:

                                                                             turned from,





                                                                                  thereby affirming by deed or action the non-relevance of God within a life;

                                                                 who have dishonoured their souls and spirits,

                                                                 who have condemned their bodies as unfit for further use,

                                                                 who have expressed their freewill choice—

                                                                                            by attitude or stipulation—

                                                                                   of any further interest of ever being in the company of God.


    The Lord Jesus,

         care for My sheep,

         love My sheep,

         call and shepherd my sheep—

                        that My sheep may dwell in safety in the end-time of My church:

                                      so they may not be dispossessed by the cleansing of The Earth;

                                      so they may not be caused to flinch as the angels spread their wings of fury over the encountered sin;

                                      so the angels will have marked the sanctuaries of The Lord for the passover of the vengeance of The Lord—

                                      so to fall on those still practising their iniquities at large.”


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