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In the Sights of God (11.6.16)

“In the sights of God is a dangerous place to be,

                                   is a blessed place to be.

In the sights of God is a testing place in which to wander,

                                 is a scary place to be when surrounded by problems of the day,

                                 is a fear-filled place to linger when a relationship is not established,

                                 is a disastrous place to be when a lonely soul with guilt is found without defence.

In the sights of God is like a spotlight on a rabbit,

                                 is like a searchlight on a plane,

                                 is like a possum in the twin moons of a car.

In the sights of God is to do with reprimands due the soul,

                                 with follow-ups in confirmation of the progress:

                                                   of encouragement to the spirit to come to a blaze again.

In the sights of God speaks of the many concerns God has for man,

                                             of doubtful origins which bear no fruit,

                                             of pain and suffering which could have been prevented,

                                             of disasters and of risks which could so easily lead to death,

                                             of procrastinations still outstanding when the door to life is closing on mortality,

                                                                                                       when the grave begins to beckon and selections are made
                                                                                                                                         with much reluctance.

In the sights of God is a positioning attained without much wisdom,

                                 is a weary set of circumstances which wilt each day afresh,

                                 is a tiredness where seated in a chair is not one of contentment,

                                 is a recurring exasperation which never learns retreat.

In the sights of God is an awareness without commitment,

                                 is a looseness where firmness is a godsend with spillage well avoided,

                                 is a teasing bringing tears and where laughter starts a flood.

In the sights of God is witness to a shortage of prayers,

                                 is witness to what is best left unspoken,

                                 is witness to the suppositions and the jokes at the expense of God.

In the sights of God is the forsaking of the careless attitudes,

                                                           of the unaccountability for the actions of freewill,

                                                           of the tramping round the mountain with eyes downcast:

                                                                                                     and never an upward glance ascribed to hope.

In the sights of God is participation in the games of chance,

                                 is the endless looking at opportunities but without the courage to commit,

                                 is the emphasis on money without knowledge of acquisition or retainment.

In the sights of God are the sick and lame without access to the medicines of man,

                                                                    without the faith sufficient to engage with God,

                                                                    without the counsel and assistance to uplift a life.

In the sights of God are the liars and the false prophets,

                                 are those running and walking as stragglers on a downward sloping road,

                                 are those who stand in denial of the power and the authority:

                                                                                 which rests upon the brow of God.

In the sights of God are all those in need of faith,

                                      all those still filled with doubt,

                                      all those still scared to commit,

                                      all those still dwelling in the tugs of Satan,

                                      all those who are yet to grasp the true reality of life,

                                      all those still short of grace within their lives.

In the sights of God are the seekers and the hope-filled,

                                            those who believe there has to be a better way,

                                                      who desire to know the purpose of a life,

                                                      who desire to settle for the very best,

                                                      who desire to seize the promises of God in application to their lives:

                                                                                                                  in which they reach fulfilment.

In the sights of God is the mayhem and the turmoil created by man within freewill misapplied.

In the sights of God are the clairvoyants and astrologers,

                                       the mystics and the would-be “readers” of the dregs and bumps and palms of man,

                                       the soothsayers and the weavers of fantasy—

                                                                                                 all for the purse of man.

In the sights of God are the righteous and the committed,

                                       the faithful and the gathered,

                                       the sheep and the lambs: 

                                       the builders of My temples with their Guest at home.

In the sights of God is man in all his various environments,

                                            in all his stages of understanding and acceptance,

                                            in all his levels of joy and celebration,

                                            in all his downcast stares in misery and defilement.



           For the day of man is here.

           For the Son of man has risen.

           For the Father sends His greetings.

           For My Spirit attends man in fulfilment of My word to Him.



           Before the closure of the age of Grace.



           While it is today— 

                           for tomorrow will not be seen by some."


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