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New Beginnings (30.6.16)

“The new beginnings of man are wrapped up in his relationship with his God of sacrifice.

The new beginnings build in instalments upon the head of man,

                                                         to test his sincerity,

                                                         to test his ability to cope,

                                                         to test his readiness in preparation,

                                                         to test his commitment in past promises with significance of meaning.

The new beginnings come in sequence for intent on following in the footsteps of The Lord.

The new beginnings commence with the birthing of the spirit.

The new beginnings continue with the immersion of The body for the second birth.

The new beginnings continue with the gifts of My Spirit inclusive of the gift of tongues.

The new beginnings continue with the key of faith which unlocks the gifts in their fullness.

The new beginnings continue with the preparedness of My bride.

The new beginnings building a foundation within mortality make a jump—

                                                                      to fulfilment on passing through the grave,

                                                                      to eternity within the destiny of choice,

                                                                      to the garden of The Lord where all has been prepared,

                                                                      to life within My garden as adopted into the family of God.

The new beginnings hold great promises of the things to be,

                                 hold great promises which fall as an inheritance,

                                 hold great promises which will fulfil the expectations,

                                 hold great promises where the conditions are already met,

                                 hold great promises where the Son light holds full sway,

                                 holds great promises where grace concedes to mercy.

The new beginnings cannot be manipulated,

                                 cannot be misinterpreted,

                                 cannot be commandeered,

                                 cannot be claimed as a right—

                                                    but rather as a gift originating from grace.

The new beginnings open a gateway needing to be approached with love and care,

                                                           needing to be approached with grace fully in effect,

                                                           needing to be approached with wisdom directing knowledge,

                                                           needing to be approached with the thought processes in place,

                                                           need to be approached with the tongues of heaven expressing in full fluency.

The new beginnings are incurred upon a commitment made within mortality,

                                 are dependent on the choice of man made while in mortality,

                                 are approved by My Spirit upon freewill of a novice being seen in action—

                                                                                                                                          unaccompanied by sin.

The new beginnings in confirmation represent the cry of victory over death with sin,

                                                                           the shout of proclamation to the heavens with commitment,

                                                                           the angels with the white stone entry and delivering the new garb of the gown of life.

The new beginnings reach across the gamut from the gates of Hell to the gates of Heaven,

                                 see the Good Shepherd moving all His sheep in but one direction;

                                 see those subject to a destiny of default moving the other way under the guard of demons as the trap so closes.

The new beginnings speak of life resolved within perfection,

                                                                     within the skill set of the angels,

                                                                     within the spoken word of God.

The new beginnings augment the abilities of My people,

                                                                    of all who join the throngs of God,

                                                                    of all who seek to inherit the promises of God,

                                                                    of all who seek and find the way prepared for the journeying of man,

                                                                    of all who would accept the destiny of choice:

                                                                                       which leaves the default for ever dead and buried—

                                                                                            from where it can no longer have an impact on the body soul and spirit.

The new beginnings bring the promises of God within the grasp of the outstretched hands of man,

                                 bring the inheritance of The Son within the reality of the saints of God,

                                 bring the eternal destiny of choice within the reach of man,

                                 bring the reconciliation of man and God to now be outside the boundaries of sin,

                                 bring the law down on its knees as grace is redeemed by forgiveness,

                                 bring the quest for righteousness once constrained by the captivity of the law:

                                                                                                             and so freed from the bottle known as Faith—

                                                          where the stopper is removed and sanctioned on request while within the time field of man.

The new beginnings witness the works of God with the fruit now nearly ripe—

                                                                                                       and laid open for acceptance,

                                                                                                              laid open with the entrance to a household of eternity, 

                                                                                                              laid open where God opens wide his arms in welcome 

                                                                                                                                                   and proclaims:

                                                                                                                                                               ‘I am the way.’”


Scribal Note: Refer ‘The Bible’, John 14:6 (NKJV).


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