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Of End-time Events (22.7.16)

“The end-time events of God are not resequenced by man.

The end-time events of God are imposed upon man in his mortality:

                                                                                         in all his fear of God,

                                                                                         in all his wisdom gained,

                                                                                         in all his knowledge acquired,

                                                                                         in all his understanding realized,

                                                                                         in all his adoption of the truth,

                                                                                         in all his walk in righteousness,

                                                                                         in all his commitment to the bride of Christ,

                                                                                         in all his selection or rejection of a destiny with God.

The end-time events of God bring a new beginning in extending the horizons of man.

The end-time events of God are worthy of deep consideration.

The end-time events of God speak of the immortality of God about to enter the mortality of man.

The end-time events of God introduce man to the results of the application of freewill,

                                              introduce accountability for the past,

                                              introduce transitioning to a differing lifestyle.

The end-time events of God bring certainty replacing faith,

                                              bring reality replacing hope,

                                              bring mercy replacing grace,

                                              bring pleading replacing conviction,

                                              bring royalty on schedule replacing the governance of man,

                                              bring the edifice of heaven replacing the edifice of man,

                                              bring the thrones of God replacing the thrones of man.

The end-time events of God are in clarity of occurrence:

                                                                  as to impact on the multitudes;

                                                                  as to impact on My bride;

                                                                  as to impact on the time of preparation.

The end-time events have arrived,

                                                   grow in their ferocity as they berate the Earth.

The end-time events are acquiring the practice of laying waste and of wrecking,

                                  are acquiring the tempests of the fire and of flooding,

                                  are acquiring the inundations of the surging of the seas,

                                  are acquiring the invasions of the cyclones on the move,

                                  are awaiting the candles with their plumes and flows.

The end-time events sweep and clean the crowded sin fields from the Earth,

                                  toss and turn the overflowing sin bins of the cities,

                                  suck and blow the sinning hidey-holes of man.

The end-time events sprout and serve the violence of man:

                                                             the senseless with the savage;

                                                             the murderous with the looting;

                                                             the mobs with the brainwashed—

                                                                                 all as filled with the rampaging souls of man.

The end-time events introduce and dismiss the insurrections against the state:

                                                                              the rebellions against authority,

                                                                              the coups with the betrayals,

                                                                              the blood letting with the killing:

                                                                    where mercy is unknown,

                                                                    where grace has long fled the fields of battle and of death;

                                                                    where the soul of man is welded to Satanic motivations in the evil seeking of attention—

                                                                                                   when no value is placed upon a life.

The end-time events shudder and retreat,

                                  pause and refresh,

                                  shake and advance. 

The end-time events climb and escalate the viciousness of man,

                                                                the viciousness of climate,

                                                                the viciousness of activities:

                                                                                             previously unseen by man.

The end-time events introduce barbarians running wild,

                                                  soldiers without command,

                                                  mercenaries looking for an outlet where they can maim and injure,

                                                                                                         where they can confront and butcher,

                                                                                                         where they can set the children one against another.

The end-time events bring forth pleas to be ignored,

                                  bring forth calls to be silenced,

                                  bring forth screams shortened by a blow,

                                  bring forth shouts of impatience,

                                  bring forth orders without substance,

                                  bring forth the guns—

                                               the weaponry of man—

                                                          to be pointed at the innocent as fingers tighten on the triggers,

                                  bring forth the sound of firing which speaks of the break-up of the families:

                                                                                                         as members fall lifeless on the Earth.

The end-time events create those who willingly would flee,

                                                      who willingly would leave,

                                                      who willingly would hide,

                                                      who willingly would join the refugees:

                                                                                   if such had the means,

                                                                                   if such could reach a place of safety where options still prevail,

                                                                                   if such had the ability to transport their possessions:

                                                                                        in the absence of the fire enveloping their homes,

                                                                                        in the absence of the fire issuing from the barrels,

                                                                                        in the absence of the fire targeting their hopes and dreams and life its
                                                                                                                                                      very self.

The end-time events witness the death scenes of man,

                                  witness man’s inhumanity to man,

                                  witness the hand of God moving as it both cleanses and purifies:

                                                                           the landscapes and the seascapes of the Earth—

                                                                                            from the sinners with their residues of sin.

The end-time events build into a crescendo of destruction,

                                                   where the deaths of man can be no longer counted,

                                                   where the bodies lie where they have fallen,

                                                   where the birds do feed and peck,

                                                                             do rip and tear,

                                                                             do fight and squabble:

                                                   where life has forsaken the mortal gloves of man,

                                                   where life has likely bypassed the selection of a destiny,

                                                   where life with the ownership of an entry in the book of life may only be known by God.

The end-time events have the preparation of the bride:

                                          the separating of the goats from My sheep,

                                                                  of the kids from the lambs,

                                                                  of the tares from the wheat;

                                          the practising of My Spirit’s gifts;

                                          the fluency in tongues,

                                          the decorating of the gowns of life,

                                          the storage of the jewels on the far side of the grave,

                                          the attending to the soon-to-be shortages of life,

                                                                    the necessities of life—

                                                                                          of water and of food,

                                                 within a sanctuary of God—

                                                             where defence is likely to be necessary—

                                                                       when dwelling within the zones of the troubling of man.

     Wise is he who has at hand the means of his defence in a coming time of violence,

                       who has the necessities of life stored securely—

                                                                   as supply chains are broken,

                                                                   as shortages rule both the day and the night,

                                                                   as weight loss becomes a problem which focuses the mind:

                                                                                                                on the recurring need for seizures of replenishments.


Scribal Note: Refer also 'The Days of Thunder', His Book 2; and 'The Days of Thunder (2)', His Book 8.


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