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The Beauty of My Garden (6.4.16)

“The beauty of My garden has the fragrance of delight,

                                            has the fragrance of the morning dew,

                                            has the fragrance of the evening dusk.

The beauty of My garden has the scent of My Spirit,

                                          has the movement of the zephyrs,

                                          has the spell-bound immobile where there is no spell.

The beauty of My garden reflects the rays of gold,

                                          reflects the iridescent and the sheens,

                                          reflects the colours of the cut where sparkle is expected,

                                          reflects the colour of the variant where marvelling breaks out.

The beauty of My garden is enhanced by the waterfalls of majesty,

                                                           the cascades of many tiers,

                                                           the falls of many ribbons,

                                                           the rushing of the torrents,

                                                           the crashing to the pools,

                                                           the whispering of the trickle as if a finger with the gentlest touch.

The beauty of My garden magnifies the journeying of a brook,

                                                      the tumbling of a stream,

                                                      the swirling of a river, 

                                                      the boiling of a cataract,

                                                      the whitewater of the rapids.

The beauty of My garden rests upon the time of man,

                                          rests upon access to the havens,

                                          rests upon the failing or the birthing of the light as the clouds are caught in fire –

                                                             where the shepherds were warned or delighted at the arrival or the leaving of the day.

The beauty of My garden knows the areas of both peace and of tranquility,

                                                        of both quiet and of silence,

                                                        of both raucousness and of joviality,

                                                        of happiness and contentment,

                                                        of both blooming and of scent.

The beauty of My garden is the ongoing highlight of a life,

                                             the target of redemption,

                                             the objective of a journey,

                                             the rewarding of salvation,

                                             the functioning of the sacrifice of God,

                                             the plan for each spirit birthed within creation before time had begun.

The beauty of My garden is the achievement of God,

                                          is the wonder stemming from creation,

                                          is the bounty of the worship,

                                          is the reward of faith,

                                          is the safe harbouring of God,

                                          is the destiny of honouring,

                                          is the inheritance of adoption,

                                          is the dwelling place set apart for the saints of God.

The beauty of My garden is unique in the setting,

                                          is unique in the fulfilment,

                                          is unique in the presentation,

                                          is unique in the ease of access,

                                          is unique in the depth of design,

                                          is unique in the singularity of intent,

                                          is unique in the backing and creation.

The beauty of My garden reaches in all the directions known to man,

                                          reaches to all the locations known to God,

                                          reaches to all the access points as needed for the graves of man,

                                          reaches to all the portals where appropriate which are installed by God,

                                          reaches to the depths and heights,

                                                       to the marked and the unmarked,

                                                       to the reserved and the preserved of God.

The beauty of My garden extends throughout eternity,

                                          does not experience an ‘off’ season,

                                          does not close either for repairs or maintenance,

                                          does not close for time divisions familiar to man,

                                          does not close for a purpose of exclusion of those who so belong.

The beauty of My garden is a wonder to behold,

                                          extends in all directions the eyes of man can see,

                                          contains the minutest detail,

                                          contains the grandest of the grand:

                                          contains all occurring within the two extremes.

The beauty of My garden contains all the wonders of God set for the eyes of man,

                                                                      from the largest to the smallest,

                                                                      from the furthest to the nearest,

                                                                      from the most embellished to the plainest,

                                                                      from the functioning to the static,

                                                          where travelling is not a difficulty as experienced within the history of man.

The beauty of My garden includes the various dimensions:

                                                          where controls prevent the fiddling alterations born of curiosity,

                                                          where substance may be difficult to verify,

                                                          where intent is always constant within the nature of The Loving Living God,

                                                          where faith with belief are the forerunners:

                                                                                   of the disclosures of the realities for the senses to perceive.

The beauty of My garden requires intensity of description,

                                          requires understanding of the categories,

                                          requires knowledge of the localities and the specialists in occupation,

                                          requires a willingness to expand the mindset of man,

                                          requires a willingness to reach out to an appreciation of the mindset of God.

The beauty of My garden is a triumphant declaration to all who become adopted into the family of God.”


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