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The Coming Day of The Lord (1.8.16)

“The coming day of The Lord is a sequence borne of the need for restoration.

The coming day of The Lord asserts the wrath of God upon the plight of man:

                                                                                       upon his treating of his home;

                                                                                       upon his doping and his drives;

                                                                                       upon his selfishness and greed;

                                                                                       upon his idolatry and carnality.

The coming day of The Lord will cleanse the Earth of its smudges and its blurs,

                                                                                       its hypocrisy and its cesspits,

                                                                                       its iniquity and its hard-heartedness,

                                                                                       its selfishness and its enmity both to brotherhoods and God. 

The coming day of The Lord will root out the infestations of false belief,

                                               will root out the lazy and the blasphemers,

                                               will root out the parasites and the worms,

                                               will root out the vain and the proud— 

                                                                                 those who have no fruit,

                                                                                           who know no fruit,

                                                                                           who develop no fruit,

                                                                                           who carry no fruit— 

                                                                                                       which lasts beyond the grave of man.

The coming day of The Lord will readjust the boundaries of man:

                                               will examine the grudge bearers without a valid cause,

                                               will examine the carriers of hearts of evil intent,

                                               will examine the bearers of hearts consumed by vengeance,

                                               will examine the hate mongers of hearts encumbered with a score to settle,

                                               will examine the princes and the generals of hearts in preparation for a war. 

Beware of those who fail their examination:

                                           for they will have no cause for hope,

                                                                         no reason to assume success,

                                                                         no possibility of enticing to entrapment,

                                                                         no justification for the taking of the profile of the murderer.

The coming day of The Lord will follow the testimony of My word;

                                                                  the prophecies of the prophets whom I know;

                                                                  the course declared by valid introspections interpreting:

                                                                                           the ways and means of the footfalls of God upon the Earth.

The coming day of The Lord lays waste and reconfigures.

The coming day of The Lord clears landscapes from contamination of like with like.

The coming day of The Lord elevates My people to due prominence under grace.

The coming day of The Lord hears and acts on the calls of My saints.

The coming day of The Lord checks the rise of evil with the spread of violence.

The coming day of The Lord consolidates the Earth in readiness for its future.

The coming day of The Lord prevents infestations from spreading to areas of interest.

          For as the heavens speak so the heavens do.

          For as the Lord intends so the Lord affirms.

          For as Satan plots so his plans are foiled.

The coming day of The Lord finally approaches its fulfilment,

                                               finally is to be implemented on the status of the Earth,

                                               finally is declaring a warning to His people within the new covenant of the cross.

The coming day of The Lord sees a flash within the skies,

                                               indicates the time of imminence,

                                               allows for the wise and the righteous to evacuate:

                                                                                                           to shelter within the Earth,

                                                                                                                           under the Earth,

                                                                                                                           in the shadows of the Earth— 

                                                                                                                    so protection is assured from the streaming of the skies— 

                                                                                                                    so safety is released after three cycles of the hour hands:

                                                                                                                                                    those of the wound clocks of man.

The coming day of The Lord witnesses the streaming of My vengeance,

                                              the streaming of My wrath,

                                              the streaming of My corrections as impacting on the surface areas of the Earth:

                                                           where the conflicts of man know of no forgiveness,

                                                                                                       know of neither grace nor of mercy,

                                                                                                       know of neither resolution nor of peace— 

                                                                while the misplaced faith of the resolute will neither yield nor negotiate— 

                                                                                                                                 without placing a lie upon the paper:

                                                                                                                          there to be adorned with the signatures of man.

The coming day of The Lord will not be re-released on man,

                                               will not recur as His carrier of vengeance,

                                               will not re-inflict the wrath of God.

The coming day of The Lord is an indicator of the proximity of My return,

                                                                       of My second advent,

                                                                       of My coming for My bride,

                                           of My instatement with My Kingdom as a colony of Heaven,

                                                                       of the governance of My Kings and Queens— 

                                                                                                            each replete with their inheritance.

The coming day of The Lord upholds the promises of God,

                                                             the oversight of The Father,

                                                             the presence of The Holy Spirit— 

                                                                              with the participation of the hosts of Heaven— 

                                                                                                                        in upholding righteous life upon the Earth.”


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