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The Dressing of My Garden (24.5.16)

“The dressing of My garden is incomplete without the presence of My people.

The dressing of My garden is in need of My spirits,

                                                                 My souls,

                                                                 My bodies of renown.

The dressing of My garden awaits the rewarding of the beauty of My three in ones.

The dressing of My garden is not a place for statues,

                                            is not a place where semblances stagnate,

                                            is not a place where images dictate impressions on the souls:

                                                                       those who dwell within eternity in the family of God.

The dressing of My garden gives attention to much detail,

                                            pays attention to much activity,

                                            calls attention to those who may be ignored or considered out-of-step.

The dressing of My garden stretches far and wide,

                                            has no equivalent on Earth where the purity is somewhat lacking,

                                            has no adjunct fit for partying which can be used instead.

The dressing of My garden has multiple environments,

                                             has multiple sources of the testimonies,

                                             has multiple real-life stories where the recent immigrants are intrigued by the past retelling of mortality.

The dressing of My garden has the seekers of the best,

                                                   those who passed the test,

                                                   those who travelled from the west,

                                                   those who succeeded in their quest,

                                                   those who visited as a guest,

                                                   those who sought it as a homing nest,

                                                   those who knew it would have freedom from the pest.

The dressing of My garden is built for the saints of God,

                                            is built for the people of the LORD who struggled with the law,

                                            is built for the follows of The Christ who revel in the sanctity of grace.

The dressing of My garden is progress seen in action;

                                            is progress marked by multitudes in their coming to faith—

                                                                                with commitment very strong and certain;

                                            is progress marked by the martyrs of the cross with their sacrifice in faith.

The dressing of My garden garners My apostles standing strong and tall,

                                                         My prophets with their families,

                                                         My evangelists with their travels of commitment,

                                                         My shepherds of the proxy who fulfilled their call to service,

                                                         My teachers of My word to the young,

                                                                                         the married,

                                                                                    and the mature of both thought and deed,

                                                         My people of the law,

                                                         My people of the covenants as under both the old and the new,

                                                         My people under grace.

The dressing of My garden places the greeted within a throne room.

The dressing of My garden is determined by the qualities of the characters—

                                                                        the faith-based righteousness of man;

                                                                        the commitments of the souls—

                                                                                           the application of faith within freewill in the relationships with God;

                                                                        the abilities of the spirits—

                                                                                           the structures established for the leading of each soul;

                                                                        the resurgences of the bodies—

                                                                                           in accepting a new beginning with the refit due each body.

The dressing of My garden justifies existence within the sight of God,

                                            justifies the inscriptions on white stones,

                                            justifies the extent—

                                                          the intent—

                                                 within the honouring by God of His participants in eternity—

                                                                                                        with all which is implied,

                                                                                                        with all which is inherited,

                                                                                                        with all to be granted arising from the promises of God.

The dressing of My garden is not a rough-hewn rockery,

                                            is not a polished slope,

                                            is not a trip and stumble,

                                            is not a bang upon the head.

The dressing of My garden is one of skill and forethought,

                                            is one of planning and design,

                                            is one requiring acceptance both of beauty and of concept,

                                            is one requiring knowledge sustained by wisdom so enjoyment may be complete,

                                            is one where the the word “impossible” no longer has existence within the thought patterning of eternity.

The dressing of My garden welcomes all in their completing the cycle of life:

                                                                  of returning to the origin with the spirit unimpaired,

                                                                  of existing through transitions where the outcome is unknown,

                                                                  of surviving all the difficulties encountered from the evil and the helpful where truth
                                                                                                                                                                        is a little hazed by mist,

                                                                  of repelling the attacks of demonic forces where illness and disease are the bedfellows
                                                                                                                                                                                                of ill-health,

                                                                  of the seeking and the finding of the pathway as set for the stars of God,

                                                                  of the trumpet call of God which sounds throughout the Earth.

The dressing of My garden is filled with eternal overtones with meanings of significance:

                                                                                        for the welcomed and sustained within the family of God.”


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